Bob's In-Home Service



All furniture that is purchased at our regular price comes with Bob's One Year Guarantee against factory defects to the original purchaser within our normal delivery area. Mattresses and motion furniture may carry additional factory guarantees.

Call Bob's Customer Care Department at (860) 474-1000 or (800) 569-1284 to report a factory defect. Hours are Mon – Sat from 6:30am – 8:00pm EST & Sunday from 10:30am – 9:00pm EST.

We’ll schedule a service technician to come service your furniture in your home at no cost to you if the furniture falls within the 1 year guarantee period.

Service is available for a fee if you have a need beyond the 1 year guarantee period.

Merchandise purchased from our Bob’s Outlet that is not brand new/factory fresh is sold "As-Is" and is excluded from this limited warranty and service policy.

Fixing your furniture
Why does my furniture have to be fixed? Why can’t I just get a new one?
Your Bob’s purchase is guaranteed to be free from factory defects for 1 year (in some cases longer). In the event there is a defect, the guarantee covers the product for service and/or parts. Furniture is built with multiple parts that make up the whole, most of which can be restored using the tools the technicians carry with them, or by ordering replacement parts, therefore resolving the concern. In the event it is determined that the defect cannot be restored with service or parts, other options can be explored. Often times, the service technicians can restore furniture to showroom quality or better condition.
Can I purchase parts for my furniture?
Parts are available for many of our furniture sets. Please contact Customer Care 860-474-1000 or 860-569-1284 to determine if we have the part you need.
What if my furniture is no longer covered by any of Bob’s warranty programs?

For a flat fee of $79.99 (plus applicable taxes) we can schedule a service technician to go out to your home, if within Bob’s service area, where they will make every best effort to repair the damage, so long as the item was purchased from Bob’s. If any parts are needed you will be given the option to purchase the part and have it installed by a service technician.

Workmanship is guaranteed for 90 days from date of service, and installed parts are guaranteed for 1 year from date of installation.

Your service appointment
Can I track the arrival of my service technician online?
You may track your service at with our online Bob's Delivery and Service Tracker. This feature automatically updates throughout the day as your service technicians complete each of their stops. We provide this tracker to help you project arrival time on the day of the expected service. Technical issues may occur outside of our control that may alter the accurate projected arrival time. If you do not have Internet access you can always call Customer Care 860-474-1000 or 800-569-1284, and we will be more than happy to assist you in getting your time frame.
I’ve been given a courtesy 2 hour window. What does that mean?
We provide the 2 hour estimated time frame/time window as a courtesy to our customers. The service technicians do their best to stay within the estimated time frame. However, circumstances may arise that are beyond our control and may cause them to arrive earlier or later than the estimated time frame. Our online Delivery and Service Tracker can be a useful tool to help you track the estimated arrival time and to keep you updated throughout the day.
What if I can’t be home for my service?
Bob's tries to offer a variety of options to help accommodate your busy schedule. Anyone over the age of 18 can be in the home to accept the service; whether it is a neighbor, family member, friend or whoever else you may choose. We will also provide you with a automated call ahead on the day of the anticipated service to let you know that the service technician is on the way to your home. If these options do not work for you, we are happy to reschedule for a more convenient date where you would be better able to be available for the day. Please e-mail us via the Contact Us page, or give us a call in Customer Care at 860-474-1000 or 800-569-1284, if you need to reschedule.
What can I expect to happen during my service appointment?

A Bob's Authorized technician in a Bob’s Discount Furniture uniform will arrive to your home. He/She will inspect the affected merchandise and determine what tools, supplies and/or parts are required to restore the piece to factory quality if not better.

Most concerns can be corrected by the technician that very day. In this case, the technician will complete a report and take photos of the completed work. Using their tablet, they will ask you to sign to validate that the work was completed and to then complete a brief survey.

In some cases a part may be needed to complete the work, and the technician will contact Customer Care and allow you to speak directly with an agent to finalize the part order. In the unlikely event the concern cannot be corrected by a technician, you will be connected with Customer Care to discuss available options at that time.

Can I ask the service technicians to remove their footwear prior to entering my home?
Service technicians are not allowed to remove their footwear. This is for their safety and in compliance with OSHA guidelines ( For your convenience, the service technician has been equipped with booties that can fit over their footwear to help protect your home’s interior during inclement weather.