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Bob's Goof Proof Protection Plan

All about Goof Proof

Bob's Goof Proof Furniture Protection Plan can be added to your purchase to cover your new furniture against most accidental stains and many accidental damages for five years. I mean, accidents happen sometimes!

Bonus: Goof Proof also extends coverage on motors for power furniture from one year to three years.

Another bonus: you'll even get an adorable little Bob’s Furniture Care Kit as part of the deal! The kit includes two 8-ounce bottles of furniture care products for those “life happens” moments.

Feel free to read more about my Goof Proof!

Your coverage includes unlimited in-home service for covered accidents. When a covered accident occurs, a professional service technician will come to your home at a time convenient to you, and restore the stained ordamaged area back to factory standards at no cost to you.

That means you will never pay for a technician to come out to your home, never pay for any parts, and never pay for labor within the 5-year period!

If a stain or accidental damage cannot be restored to factory standards, the damaged piece of furniture will be replaced, at full value, without any additional cost to you!

When a piece is serviced, we guarantee the affected area will look like it just came fresh from the factory. If that cannot be accomplished, the piece will be replaced one time.
Guardian is the company we partner with to offer coverage against accidents under Bob’s Goof Proof. Guardian has established itself as a leader in the furniture protection industry by building value and integrity in their products and protection plans. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau – because they take care of our customers!
Replacement occurs if a covered stain or damage cannot be restored to factory standards. If a piece has to be replaced, it is done at absolutely no cost to you. There is never a depreciation or pro-rating of the value of your piece. You won’t even pay for delivery of the new piece or haul away of the old one! If a piece has to be replaced, this satisfies the Goof Proof contract for that piece. The new item will have Bob’s one-year guarantee against factory defects and the option to purchase Bob's Goof Proof for your new item.
Bob's is proud to guarantee that our manufacturers properly construct our items using quality materials. A defect is a failure in these materials or workmanship within the first year. Examples include, but are not limited to: splitting or cracking of solid wood, separation of seams in upholstery, and failure of reclining mechanisms – including motors.
Absolutely! If a piece has to be replaced through Goof Proof, you do have the option to purchase a new 5-year Goof Proof plan for the new piece.
This is Bob's gift to you! Bob's Furniture Care Kit is included with the purchase of the Goof Proof plan. It includes two fantastic products to keep your furniture looking great: the Upholstery Stain Remover and the Wood Polish. The stain remover eliminates stains from grease, ink, cosmetics, crayon, blood, and more while being eco-friendly and safe to use around your family and pets. The wood polish replenishes the natural oils in woods, can repel dust for up to six weeks, protects against the sun’s rays to help prevent fading, and leaves a bright, glossy shine without leaving residue.

Before reporting an accident, see if your stain can be easily handled using your Bob's Furniture Care Kit. If this is not the case, schedule your service.

Getting service for a covered accident is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Report your own Goof Proof claim with Guardian by clicking here or by calling Guardian at 800-538-9500.

Here are some handy tips for reporting your claim:

• Report accident within 30 days of occurrence.

• Tell your story. Whether you call Guardian directly or self-report your claim, please describe what happened, how it happened, and when it happened. In order to be eligible for service, you must be able to explain how the damaged occurred so we know it was a covered accident.

• Know what's covered. Check out more about my Goof Proof Protection Plan here.

Note: Prior to your service, a Guardian representative may ask for pictures of the damage so the service technician can arrive fully prepared to resolve your claim the first time in your home.

What is and isn't covered

An accident is a single incident that leads to a stain or damage. For example, if I hit the leg of my dining room table with the vacuum and it leaves a gouge.

Note: Damages that have occurred over a period of time and not reported are considered accumulation and will not be covered.

Bob’s Goof Proof covers all of the accidents that are likely to occur in the home. A complete, exhaustive list of covered accidents can be found here. Although many types of accidents are covered, not everything is. Only the accidents listed are covered under Goof Proof.

Bob’s Goof Proof covers only against specific accidents found here. The most notable examples of damage that are not covered are:

• Pet damage. Any damage caused by pets (outside of stains from bodily fluids) is not covered. This includes scratching, chewing, biting, clawing, pecking, etc.

• Worn, discolored or faded merchandise caused by placement or exposure to elements.

• Damage that is the result of abuse. Goof Proof covers only accidents reported based on a specific incident. If furniture is abused or damaged intentionally, it will not be eligible for service.

We understand that our customers want to get the best coverage for the best price.

In order to provide our customers with these values, Bob's chose to cover the most likely accidents to occur in the home, rather than anything and everything that can happen.

If everything was covered, the cost of the plan would have to be astronomical. With Bob’s Goof Proof, you can rest assured you’ll be covered against many of the most likely incidents that could happen in your home, while simultaneously receiving coverage at a great value.

One of the benefits of Bob's partnering with Guardian is that Guardian is a nationwide company with service technicians in all 50 states.

Because of this, you’ll have accidental coverage anywhere in the United States!

If you move outside of Bob's current operational area (which is growing every year), we will not be able to provide coverage against defects in materials or workmanship.

Replacement options for accidents or defects are only available within Bob’s operational area. A Bob’s representative can provide you with our operational area.

Bob’s Goof Proof is for private, residential purchases only. If the purchased furniture is going to be used commercially (such as furnishing a house/apartment to be rented out, an office space, a government building, etc.) it is not eligible for Goof Proof.
Goof Proof is available only for furniture items. To protect your mattress, please consider one of Bob’s Goof Proof Mattress Protectors.