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I may only be two feet tall but I know that sometimes, putting in just a little bit of effort can have a HUGE impact.

Trust me, this closet full of yellow polo shirts doesn't mean anything- green is really the most important color to me! I try to be green in everything I do.

That's why my Bob's Discount Furniture takes part in several initiatives to not only keep our planet healthy, but also to give back. We believe that everything has value and we do our part to recycle as much as we can. I mean, you know I'm all about untouchable values on furniture. Same thing!

Here's a little bit more about how my team and I practice corporate social responsibility:

Why recycle?

Talking about furniture gets me really excited, especially when I'm talking about how we make it a priority to recycle furniture and its associated materials.

Just so I wouldn't ramble in all my excitement, I put together this handy list of why we recycle!

  • To help the environment, of course. We conserve fuel by maximizing our truck capacities. There's no such thing as a half-full truck- we strive to get them as close as full as we can before they go out on the road!
  • Job creation. We use a combination of in-house recycling and third party recycling, and have created positions in order to manage the huge volume of recycling that we do day in and day out!
  • Social responsibility. Because we all have the opportunity to do what's right for our environment and our society. And doing that, well- it just feels good!
  • The numbers speak for themselves. Check out how much cardboard, foam and plastic film we recycled last year!
Recycled Materials in Tons 2018
Cardboard 10,009
Foam 377
Film 634
Total Tons 11,020
Total Pounds 22,040,000

Mattress Recycling

Did you know that if you purchase a mattress from Bob's and have it delivered using my BOBtastic Delivery Experience we will remove your old mattress? Keep in mind that any old bedding to be removed must be in safe and sanitary condition! Unfortunately, the delivery team cannot remove old bedding for mattresses shipped via FedEx under the Bob's Value Express program.

About how many mattresses do we remove from homes, you ask? Well, last year we recycled 68,292 pieces of bedding! That's a lot of mattresses that won't be taking up landfills!

Looking to recycle your own mattress? Click here to find your nearest mattress recycling facility if you live in California, Connecticut or Rhode Island.

Chair Box Recycling

Furniture Donation

At Bob's, we do our best to avoid throwing out furniture. Way back when, we were taught as kids that we should Reduce, Reuse, Recycle- and we make it a point to stick to that! We try to utilize ALL furniture, because as I said, everything has value. That's why we give back to local organizations and charities and donate all the furniture that we can, rather than throwing it away.

Responsible Wood Sourcing

Bob’s Discount Furniture is committed to the responsible use of natural resources. We’re actually working with the Sustainable Furnishings Council to make sure that all of the wood used in our furniture comes from responsible sources. Let’s all work together to protect our planet!

Energy-Efficient Lighting

Jesse Douglass, Director of Operations at Bob’s Taftville Distribution Center, shows off the new lights to members of the press and representatives from Norwich Public Utilities, our partner in the lighting upgrade.

Bob’s wants to prove that eco-friendly operations can coexist with business growth! That’s why in November 2018, my distribution center in Taftville, Connecticut began the process of replacing 11,493 incandescent lightbulbs with energy-efficient LED lightbulbs. These lightbulbs provide better light and also use less electricity.

The new lights help reduce energy costs but more importantly they’re better for the environment. By using LED lights, we’ll use 856,891 fewer kilowatt hours of electricity each year!

That’s the equivalent carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of:

  • 3 million pounds of coal burned
  • 1,328 average homes' worth of electricity
  • 971,030,572 smartphones charged

At Bob’s, our goal is to continue to make energy-saving and environmentally-sound initiatives a priority, whether it’s the use of LED lighting, materials recycling, or donating our furniture to non-profits in the area.