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Rug shopping made easy and affordable

Rugs come in so many different colors, patterns, textures, shapes, and sizes - the options are endless! They add a sense of warmth and comfort, help ground furniture and define a space. Choosing the right rug is key to making your room feel complete

Choosing the right colors, pattern, & style

Start with a rug

If you're decorating your room from scratch, start with the rug first. It is a such a foundational piece when it comes to designing your space and if you wait until you've placed the final throw pillow, you could limit your choices of rugs significantly. If you’ve already got your room furnished, don’t fret. I have some tips for you to help guide you through your rug selection. Happy shopping!

Play with patterns and textures

Take a look at your space and ask yourself a handful of questions. What kind of style is your furniture? What colors are used throughout the room? Are there a lot of textures and patterns? What kind of flooring is in place? If your room is full of clean lines, neutral colors, and subtle patterns, you may want to go bold with your rug. One that’s rich in color or has a bold pattern will add some character and dimension to your design! If you’re working with a room that already has a lot a of color and pattern, try a neutral rug to avoid any clashing and to soften up the space.

Consider your lifestyle and space

The room this rug will belong in is something you may want to consider when choosing your rug. Do you have children? Pets? Is this a high traffic area? A rug that works well for a bedroom can be very different from a rug that is perfect for a dining room. A thicker, plush rug will add that comfort and coziness to your bedroom or living room, while you may want to go a different route for your dining area. You’ll want to go with a flatweave rug which is easier to clean. Also consider a darker rug or one with a pattern in high traffic areas such as entryways and kitchens.


Spend just a bit more and get the larger size

People often buy a too small rug because, hey, rugs can be expensive! With Bob’s Discount on rugs, you don’t have to hold back! A few inches makes all the difference between the rug pulling the room together or it feeling off balance.

Living Room

Fit the front two legs of each piece on the rug.


Fit the bed and both nightstands fully on the rug, with a few feet on either side of the bed.

Dining Room

Fit the table and all chairs on rug with room to pull chairs out without falling off the rug.

Visualize the rug in your space

You can sketch out your room, or use my 3d room planner to see what your favorite rug looks like in your space before you buy!

Need more inspiration?

Visit my blog for more ideas and inspiration or find the store nearest to you to browse and feel the rugs in person!

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