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Versatile Dining Tables for Every Occasion

Give your home a hub for hearty meals with one of my kitchen and dining room tables. Since we all know life happens around the table, my selection of dining tables helps you create a space that works for you. Choose from enormous, extendable tables that seat up to ten or space-savers with drop leaves that give you more table space when you need it!

Dining Tables FAQs

The standard height for a dining room table is about 30 inches. I also have counter height dining tables available that are 36 inches - in case your family runs tall, or if you simply enjoy elevated dining! Don’t forget that you’ll need counter height dining chairs if you select a counter table.




If you have the room, 36 to 42 inches of space between the dining table and any walls or other pieces of furniture is ideal. That gives your guests enough space to comfortably pull out their chairs and not feel squeezed in when they’re walking to their seats. Measure your dining space to ensure the table you want will fit and still leave room for chairs and guests. If you’re tight on space, you can push your table against the wall for everyday use and pull it out when you have guests over. My extendable dining tables come equipped with table leaves and work wonders for small spaces!




Decorate your dining table in a way that makes sense for your lifestyle. Some families use the dining table for everything from homework and crafts to game night and working from home. With that type of use, you’ll want to keep the table decorations fairly simple. A striking centerpiece, fresh or faux flowers, candles or a few decorative accents can go a long way when you’re enhancing an already good-looking table.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, if your dining table is only used for more formal occasions or special celebrations, you can decorate it with full place settings, napkins and a tablecloth. No matter how you use your kitchen table or dining room table, remember that even small enhancements like linens and lighting can make a big difference!




Beyond fitting in the designated space you have for a dining table, the best type of table is going to depend on your preferences.

Round dining room tables are great for smaller spaces. They also have the benefit of keeping everyone closer together, so you don’t have to look past multiple people to talk to someone at the other end of the table! Square tables can provide the same benefit. Additionally, if you need a pedestal base for mobility concerns, round or square tables are more likely to have such a design.

Rectangular tables are great for maximizing space when you need to seat larger amounts of people. A rectangular table in an open floor plan has the added benefit of helping to create clearly defined spaces. The traditional shape also lends an element of formality that can be nice for special occasions.

If you want help visualizing what kitchen and dining furniture would look like in your home, be sure to check out my augmented reality app or 3D Room Designer.