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It's so easy to use even a puppet can operate it! (I can hear you!)




Everything you wanted to know about AR but were afraid to ask

What the heck is AR?
AR is short for augmented reality and is a really cool technology where you use a mobile device to scan a room and then add in objects to the scene such as furniture. You can then move that piece of furniture freely around the space you have scanned. Say goodbye to having to lift that heavy sofa four times around your room to find that perfect fit!
Does the Bob's AR mobile app work for any room in my house?
Yes, just scan any space that you’d like to update. Of course, the bathroom might be a stretch, but if you want to put a sofa in your bathroom, that’s totally your call – I won’t judge!
How many looks can I create with the Bob's mobile app?
As many as you want! That’s the beauty of this app. The number of scenarios you create is only limited to your imagination… and the call of your child looking for that lost sock or the rumble in your stomach telling you it’s time to eat. You get the point though – no limits on the number of looks you can create!
Are all products enabled for the AR app?
I have tons of products that are ready to view on the AR app. If you see “View in Your Room” on the product page, that means that the product is set up to view in the app. But that’s just the start. My team and I are working hard every day to add more and more products so keep checking back!
Where is the app available?
You can download the iOS app in the Apple App Store and the Android app is available in the Google Play store.
Is the furniture to scale in the AR mobile app?
Yes, all furniture models are 3D and are true to scale. This eliminates the age-old debate of 'will it fit?'.
How does this app improve the shopping experience?
Well, I’m glad you asked! This super cool app allows you to “try out” furniture in your home before you buy it. Since all the furniture is to scale, you’ll have a true look at how the furniture will fit and mix with your existing room. You can also change the color and finishes of the pieces to see which coordinates best with your existing décor. Once you have a piece you like, just simply take a screenshot and you can share with friends and family for a second opinion. Or bring the photo into your nearest Bob’s and take a test sit! Love the look? Simply click to add to cart!
How did you become so hip with technology?
Hey, don’t judge a little guy by the yellow polo shirt and jean attire, I have my little clay fingers on the pulse of technology.