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Why Bob's

Why Bob's

  1. Furniture designed for you!

    I've been in business for more than twenty six years and I've developed long-lasting relationships with lots of manufacturers. I work with them to ensure my furniture is designed with you in mind, and made with quality materials like real wood.

  2. Everyday Low Prices

    I buy more from the manufacturers than anyone else... That huge buying power means that I pay less... And I don't pay for fancy brand name labels... I pay less so you pay less... Simple.

  3. No Phony Gimmicks - Ever!

    I don't believe in sales. Because it's not right to jack up the price of something just so you can put it on sale later.

  4. Home before you know it

    My "white-glove" delivery experience is top notch from the day you schedule your delivery date to the moment my delivery folks set up your furniture.