Bedding & Mattresses

Mattress Satisfaction Guarantee

Our goal is to do our best to ensure that you are happy with your mattress purchase. In the unlikely event that your mattress has a factory defect, we will replace it during the stated manufacturer’s warranty period.

We want you to be thrilled with the comfort of your mattress! It’s common to experience an adjustment period with your new mattress. If you’re not happy after you’ve slept on it for 30 days then give us a shout… call our Customer Care Center at 860-474-1000 or 800-569-1284.

You may arrange for a one-time re-selection of the mattress only within 90 days of the original receipt date. We will charge or credit you for any difference in cost between the original and the re-selected mattress and you will be responsible for the delivery cost to exchange the mattresses.

You may return your mattress or mattress set within 90 days of the original receipt date and we will refund the purchase price minus the original delivery fee.

Mismatched bedding sets purchased from the Outlet must be accepted as a set at the time of delivery. Once your mismatched bedding is accepted, all sales are final. No exchange, return, service or refund is allowed on mismatched bedding purchased from the Outlet.

Purchasing your new mattress
Why do I have to pay a fee when I buy a Mattress or Foundation in California, Connecticut or Rhode Island and what does it pay for?
As of December 30th, 2015 for California, May 1st 2015 for Connecticut and May 1st 2016 for Rhode Island, state law requires retailers to collect a recycling fee on each mattress and boxspring that is sold. The state approved the amount of the fee, which is not set or controlled by individual retailers. The fee funds the state’s recycling program, which is administered by the Mattress Recycling Council. Visit to learn more or contact the Mattress Recycling Council via the information provided with your receipt. CLICK HERE for details.
Are the materials in my new foam mattress harmful to me?
All of the materials in our foam products have been independently tested and CertiPUR-US® certified. They contain no harmful materials.
What is CertiPUR-US® Certified?
CertiPUR-US® is an independent certification that our flexible polyurethane foam cushioning products received; have low emissions for indoor quality, are made without chlorofluorocarbons (ozone deplete), PBDE flame retardants, mercury, lead, heavy metals, formaldehyde or prohibited phthalates. It also certifies that our foam cushioning products have been tested and approved for durability and performance.
Meeting your new mattress
Why does my new mattress feel different from the one in the store?
Mattresses generally feel softer in the showroom because they have been broken in by others laying and sitting on the mattress. Just like a new pair of shoes, it needs a break in period before it is truly comfortable.
My bed makes noise when I lay on it. Is this normal?
In most cases noises from a bed are not from the mattress. The noise is usually from either the foundation or the frame. To determine this, first remove the mattress from the bed and lay it flat on the floor to test for noise. The same is done with the foundation. If no noise is found in either the mattress or the foundation, the noise is likely coming from the bed frame. If any part of your bedding purchase from Bob’s is making noise and is within the guaranteed coverage period, please contact us (mattress/foundation-up to a 20 yr warranty).
What should I do if I am not comfortable on my new mattress?
We want you to be thrilled with the comfort of your mattress! It’s common to experience an adjustment period with your new mattress. It may take 30 days or so for your body to adjust to the new mattress. If after you’ve slept on it for 30 days, you are still uncomfortable please call our Customer Care Center at 860-474-1000 or 800-569-1284.
How do I know if my mattress has proper support?
A properly supported mattress will give you many years of use and comfort. Proper support is defined as a matching foundation (or equivalent), used with an appropriate frame and center support or proper cross slat support.
What is considered a proper foundation for my mattress?
Ideally a proper foundation is one that is sold to match the mattress. The mattress and foundation work together, acting as a unified shock absorber. It is OK to put a mattress on a solid platform bed. We recommend against putting a new mattress on an old foundation. Using an old foundation with a new mattress will jeopardize the new mattress. Even if the foundation looks new, a new mattress will soon sink into the areas where an old foundation has been worn. Putting a new mattress on an old foundation may also void your warranty.
Why does my new mattress have an odor?
Just like you may notice an odor in a new car, you may notice a smell/odor with your new mattress. This is temporary. During the manufacturing and shipping process your mattress is produced and immediately sealed in plastic. We suggest that you allow your mattress to air out for a day or two by removing the linens from the bed during the day to let any residual smells dissipate.
I don’t think the mattress I received is the one I purchased?
If you wish to confirm that the mattress you received is in fact the one you purchased you can contact our Customer Care Department. By providing them with the VSN number on the law tag of your mattress, they will be able to tell you what mattress you have in your possession.
Why is my mattress not the exact same size as advertised?
Our mattresses are handmade. The advertised size is approximate, and can be smaller or larger by as much as 1" or slightly more. This is the case with all mattress manufacturers.
Mattress care and maintenance
Do I need to rotate my mattress?
Our Bob’s Memory Foam mattresses do not require any maintenance such as rotating. It is recommended that our innerspring mattresses are rotated for more even wear.
My mattress seems to be sagging. What should I do?
The comfort layers in a mattress with proper support will compress over time. This is considered a body impression as the mattress is expected to develop a slight indentation where you normally lay. Anything beyond 1 ½” may be an indication that the mattress does not have proper support or there may be a potential defect in the internal construction. If the mattress has proper support and the comfort layers are compressed more than 1 ½", we would be happy to send one of our factory trained service technicians to inspect your bedding purchase to determine if the compression is normal.
Why does my Memory Foam mattress feel warm when I sleep?
This is normal for a Memory Foam mattress. Memory Foam mattresses increase blood circulation, which will slightly raise your body temperature. Some people notice a feeling of increased warmth while others do not. We do carry gel foam mattresses which help to dissipate your body heat, if you prefer a foam mattress with a cooler sleep. Browse my mattress collections.
Do any mattresses come with a removable cover?
The Cirrus models are the only mattresses that come with a removable cover.
Can I wash the cover on my foam mattress?
Yes, you can wash the cover on your foam mattress. You should not however, put it in the dryer. It is recommended that you line-dry it.