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Affordable Living Room Sets for Every Need

Living room furniture sets are designed to accomplish two goals: take the stress out of coordinating furniture, and provide you with a stylish and comfortable living space with pieces that fit together perfectly. Whether your preference is traditional or contemporary, or you’re looking for a sofa set with an accent chair instead of a loveseat, my Bob’s has the perfect living room furniture combo to fit your needs!

Living Room Set FAQs

Well, let’s face it. Coordinating living room furniture – including fabrics, pillows, colors, and sizes – can be exhausting! A living room set is an effective and convenient way to complete your living space, while eliminating the stress of matching sofas, chairs and ottomans. Don’t lose sleep over whether that loveseat you have your eye on is an ideal fit with your existing furniture. Buy a sofa set instead!

If you need more than one piece of furniture, a complete living room set is typically more affordable than buying individual pieces, too! You can save time and money, and gain peace of mind as you make the living room of your dreams a reality. What could be better than that!?




A living room set can include sofas, sectionals, loveseats, accent chairs, ottomans, recliners, coffee tables, and more. The size of a set can range from a 2 piece living room set – often a sofa and a matching chair or loveseat – to a set with five or more pieces – such as a sectional with ottoman.

Whether you need two or three pieces to tie the room together or a complete overhaul of your favorite sitting area, Bob’s Discount Furniture offers a variety of affordable living room sets that will set the aesthetic tone for your home and make your other rooms jealous!




The cost of furnishing a living room can sometimes get as high as $10,000. Eek! That’s way too high! I believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for affordability.

With my Bob’s living room sets, you can find the living room combination to fit your budget and last you decades. My sets range from $299 to $3,198, and you’ll find an enormous selection of styles, colors, fabrics, and features to choose from. Best of all, you won’t have to break the bank to create the perfect living room!




First, you’ll want to determine the amount of space you have. Measure the length and width of the room, noting where existing features are located- such as doors, windows, and fireplaces. The size of your living room will guide you as you choose the type of furniture and number of pieces you wish to purchase. If you have a larger space, a 3 piece living room set may not be enough. If you have a smaller room, a 5 piece living room set may make the room seem a bit cramped. Sure, it would be lovely to have two sofas, but do you have enough floor space?

You’ll also want to identify a focal point of the room and strategically arrange the furniture around it. The focal point could be a TV, fireplace, coffee table, window or even artwork. As you plan, make sure you keep traffic flow in mind, too – you wouldn’t want your living room to become a maze!

If you’re having difficulty visualizing your future living room, try using my 3D Room Designer. You can virtually design a room for free, choosing specific furniture, layouts, and accent pieces to bring the look you want to life. You’ll feel like a professional interior designer!

Once you have your living room furniture set, you should arrange your seating area. When sofas, accent chairs, and loveseats are in their ideal spot, then you can add tables and ottomans!