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Gaming Chairs & Desks FAQs

Not necessarily. A gaming chair is simply designed with different tasks in mind than office chairs. However, since both are made for people who will be staring at a monitor for extended periods of time, there is considerable overlap between the two types of chairs.

A comfortable gaming chair can be used for office work and if you find an office chair that you like, there’s no reason it can’t be used for gaming. The important thing is to find a chair that provides proper support while you’re sitting. If you’re a gamer who works from home at the same computer and desk where you game, you only need one chair and don’t need to switch between a gaming chair and office chair when you’re doing different tasks.




If you’re playing video games for more than an hour a day, gaming chairs are worth the investment. Compared to sitting on the floor, a couch or bed, sitting in a gaming chair completely changes your gaming experience. Suddenly you’ve gone from a spectator-like position to a command center where you’re in total control.

Not only is the feeling different, but the features specifically tailored to gaming really make a difference. It’s easy to get caught up in your game only to come out of the spell hours later with an achy back or neck. Gaming chairs anticipate these potential problems and alleviate them before they occur, leaving you ready to take on another round.




The main difference between a gaming desk and a regular desk is the profile and storage capacity. Gaming desks are streamlined to allow you to custom configure your equipment, while a regular desk typically prioritizes storage and work productivity.

An office desk can also be more elaborate than a computer gaming desk with drawers and cubbies to stash office supplies. These storage features can make it bulkier than a gaming desk and traditional desks may also feature decorative elements like carved or curved legs and thicker tabletops. Since regular desks provide storage space and other areas to place items, the surface space may be more limited than a PC gaming desk that provides a larger surface for all your equipment.

Although these are some of the potential differences between the two types of desks, it doesn’t mean that these differences are always present in every gaming desk. You can choose an L shaped gaming desk to provide additional surface or storage space, and you might find an office desk that works just fine as a gaming desk. The best gaming desk is ultimately going to be one that provides a comfortable gaming experience.