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Types of Office Chairs

Whether you have a dedicated home office or a workspace within your living room, bedroom or dining room, you deserve an office chair that meets your needs. With my selection of home office chairs, you can shop stylish picks that emphasize design but don’t sacrifice function and comfort.

Mesh Back Chairs

These breathable computer chairs have become the standard go-to chair for professional office settings thanks to their ergonomic properties and versatile design. Mesh back chairs typically have lumbar support and adjustable height, too!

Upholstered Chairs

If you need a work chair that adds plenty of personality to your workspace, an upholstered desk chair is your best option. Underneath all the fun patterns and plush fabrics, you’ll find a cushy seat that supports all your hard work!

Wood Desk Chairs

You might mistake these for dining chairs, but they actually have a slightly slimmer profile designed to pair well with desks. My wood desk chairs are simple and sturdy!

Executive Chairs

You’ll know an executive chair when you see it. It just looks important! With impressive real or faux leather, a tall back, extra padding and a headrest, these chairs really let you know who’s in charge.

Guest Chairs

If your home office is where you run a business, don’t forget chairs for the other side of your desk or workspace area. Whether you decide to match your guest chairs to your office desk chair or get complementary chairs, my many upholstered chairs are all great options.

Office Chairs FAQs

Investing in quality will ensure the longest possible lifespan for your office chair. However, the amount of use the chair gets will also impact how long it lasts. A high-quality desk chair can last 10 years or longer, while a more basic task chair might last only a few years if it's used daily for long periods of time.




You might compare the price of office and desk chairs to the price of dining chairs or accent chairs and wonder why there’s such a difference. Chairs are chairs, right?

Even though comfortable office chairs may cost more than dining chairs or be close in price to accent chairs remember that office chairs are designed to withstand a different kind of use. They have mechanisms to make them adjustable that other chairs typically don’t have, and they’re usually on wheels with swivel capabilities. The daily wear that desk chairs must be able to hold up against and the special features they have often make them more costly, but I’ve got you covered with affordable, everyday prices you can feel good about!




The best way to protect your hardwood floors from the plastic wheels of a rolling chair is to simply put down an area rug. This quick fix not only solves your problem, it looks great too! It’s an especially useful solution if you have a large area to cover or if your home office is lacking in the décor department anyways.