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Mattress Warranty & Exclusions

Our goal is to ensure you are happy with your purchase. If your mattress has a factory defect, we'll replace it during the manufacturer's warranty period.

My "I Will Make You Happy" Mattress Warranty

Thanks for buying your new mattress at my Bob's Discount Furniture!

I'll watch your back while your new mattress supports your back with the best mattress warranty in the business. Your new Bob's Discount Furniture sleep set is warranted against all manufacturer's defects for the duration of the warranty period. The specific warranty period varies per mattress and ranges between 1 and 20 years.

Mattress Defects Include:

• Wires that are loose, broken or protruding through the fabric

• Loose stitching and/or seam slippage

• Sagging if the mattress has been continuously supported by matching foundation or equivalent and used with a frame that provides proper support

• Body impressions that are greater than 1 1⁄2”

• Electrical component failure if applicable

Foundation Defects Include:

• Broken or loose support elements
• Broken or loose top grid
• Splitting or warping of the wood frame
• Sagging if the foundation has been continuously supported by a proper frame
• Electrical component failure if applicable

This warranty begins on the day that you take possession of your new sleep set. The warranty will not be renewed or extended if your mattress or foundation is repaired. Please refer to the warranty schedule on this card to determine the length of your warranty.

Rest Assured with my Comfort Replacement Policy

If you are not fully satisfied with your order and you've had for a minimum of 30 days, you can return it up to 90 days from the date of purchase and choose a one-time only replacement. I will charge or credit you for any difference in cost between the original and the re-selected mattress and you will be responsible for the delivery cost to exchange the mattresses.

Even I have a few warranty exclusions, so here they are:

• My warranty does not apply to products that are used in hotels, motels or other institutional or commercial facilities
• Bedding that is sold “as is”
• Bedding height
• Bent perimeter border rods due to moving or bending the sleep set
• Fabric stains, soiling or burns
• Damage due to abuse, stains or soiling
• Bedding that is supported by an improper foundation or bed frame
• Sheet fit

Mattress Facts & Care Tips

• Be sure to turn your mattress from front to back on occasion to even out wear.
• Let your new mattress “breathe” for a few days upon removal from its packaging, and dispose of all plastic wrapping as soon as possible. That “new car” smell is perfectly normal and will dissipate in a short time.
• The foam in all Bob’s mattresses is the good stuff. Cuddle up with confidence knowing that your bed is made without formaldehyde, heavy metals, CFCs, PBDEs, prohibited phalates, methylene chloride or ozone depleters.
• Give yourself a little time to get used to your new mattress. It’s probably a lot different than your old set, so it may take a few weeks to get fully settled.
• Use a mattress protector to keep your new bed squeaky clean.
• Thick mattresses need deep pocketed sheets, regular linens may pop off when you move around.
• Plusher mattresses with state of the art foam and fibers
conform to the shape of your body to relieve pressure points and provide a more restful sleep. You can reduce these natural conformations by occasionally rotating your mattress.