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Floor Lamps FAQs

The most important thing to consider when choosing a floor lamp is how you would like it to function. Different styles of floor lamps provide different types of lighting.

A torchiere floor lamp has a metal or glass shade that points upward to cast light on the ceiling and provide ambient lighting. A traditional floor lamp with a shade that points downward, or one with a drum shade, can also contribute to the overall lighting of a room.

For concentrated light that aids with reading, writing or working, a standing reading lamp has a bulb that points downward with a shade that concentrates the light in a particular direction. These task lamps are usually adjustable so you can position the light exactly where you need it.

Accent lighting can be achieved with any decorative floor lamps that have an exposed bulb or clear shade. Keep in mind that the lighter the shade, the more light will be provided. Wider shades will also allow more light to escape.

Once you’ve decided on the type of lighting you need, you’ll also want to consider the height. For a floor lamp that you’ll use while seated, the shade should be at or below eye level to avoid glare. You can use a taller lamp if it will be placed further from your seating.

After you’ve settled on the type of floor lamp and height you need, shop my wide selection to find the style that fits your room, from industrial metal floor lamps to elegant floor lamps that bring on the glam!

For a bright floor lamp, look no further than a torchiere floor lamp. Thanks to an inverted triangle shade that opens towards the ceiling, this type of floor lamp will give your room the most light.

To get the maximum amount of light from any floor lamp, choose a light-colored shade. A wider shade will also emit more light. Additionally, the brightness of your floor lamp will be impacted by the type of bulb you choose. Check the maximum wattage your lamp can use and select a bulb that provides the highest number of lumens within the acceptable range.

Choose a floor lamp that has a downward facing lightbulb for direct lighting. These types of lamps are meant to provide task lighting by concentrating the light where you need it most. Also called reading lamps, these floor lamps will often have a metal shade that contains and focuses the light to create more of a stark contrast between areas that are lit and those that are not. Floor lamps that provide direct lighting are also commonly adjustable in height, shade direction, angle and some even have an arm that extends and folds back in to direct the light where you want it.