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Heart of Bob's 2019 Q1
Heart of Bob's

Heart of Bob’s Mission Statement

To recognize and share the human stories of unselfish acts which exemplify The Bob’s Way and stand as a model of behavior to be admired and appreciated.

Giacomo Fiore

Giacomo Fiore

Giacomo Fiore is a Sales Associate in my Newington, CT location. Giacomo created a memorable experience for a young Boston Red Sox fan who was receiving a Make A Wish from Bob’s. Having worked with the family previously and remembering Danny’s desire for a theatre room to watch games and his passion for the team, Giacomo contributed his own memorabilia to the project. For embracing our culture and values Giacomo is awarded this Heart of Bob’s.

David Ruby

David Ruby

David Ruby is Sales Associate in my Cockeysville, MD location. Since the opening of the store, David has been offering transportation for any fellow associate in need, whether convenient or not. David also enjoys sharing his culinary expertise. It is not uncommon for David to prepare his famous homemade waffles specialty with all the toppings for the entire staff. For his unwavering support of his Bob’s family, David is awarded this Heart of Bob’s.

Numan Syed

Numan Syed

Numan Syed is a Sales Associate in my Glendale, NY location. As a founding member of a charity whose focus is on needy kids, Numan has been able to assist with everything from school supplies and winter gear to helping underprivileged kids have the experience of their lives by attending Prom. For his generosity of time and spirit, Numan is awarded this Heart of Bob’s.

Team Latham, New York


The Heart of Bob’s was sighted in Latham, NY. Laurie DeWolf, Roger Livingston, and the entire store staff created a special holiday season for a Bob’s customer and their family. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house when Laurie read the card from a grateful family whose life was made a little easier by a group of caring people. For their unselfish acts of kindness and generosity, Team Latham is awarded this Heart of Bob’s.

Team Wilmington, Delaware


The Heart of Bob’s is alive and well in Wilmington, Delaware. When this team learned about a former associate, who had left for serious medical reasons, was in need of a new bed that they couldn’t afford, the team went into action. With a spirit of giving from associates, managers, and even a customer they delivered what was needed. For their generosity and commitment to their community, Team Wilmington is awarded This Heart of Bob’s.

Bob’s Core Values

Honesty • Integrity • Transparency • Community • Safety • Diversity • Accountability • Fun

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