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Heart of Bob's

Heart of Bob’s Mission Statement

To recognize and share the human stories of unselfish acts which exemplify The Bob’s Way and stand as a model of behavior to be admired and appreciated.

Wayne Conlogue's photo

Wayne Conlogue

As the Facilities Building Engineer located in Bob’s Home Office in Manchester, Connecticut, you’d be hard-pressed to see Wayne sitting in one spot for long. Whether he’s needed at the corporate onces or in stores, Wayne responds to any call stating: "I will be there.” His dedication and commitment are of the highest level no matter the task. A selfless leader, Wayne does not seek or expect accolades. For Wayne’s commitment to his community, his attention to safety and his accountability, he is awarded this Heart of Bob’s.

Wayne Conlogue's photo

Kristen Benedict

A Customer Care Representative Lead by day, you might be surprised to learn that Kristen is a leader in the mobile gaming world as well. Started in 2017, Kristen manages a Discord server that connects Pokémon Go players across the greater Farmington Valley hosting meetups, tournaments, and events to bring players together. Recently designated a Community Ambassador by Niantic (The Pokémon Company), the Discord server now reaches players globally providing additional support and resources beyond the local community. For her energy, spirit and fun mindset, Kristen is awarded this Heart of Bob’s.

Wayne Conlogue's photo

Robin Thomas

A Guest Experience Specialist in Bob’s Totowa, New Jersey location, Robin devotes her free time to helping others. When Robin is not busy at work, she volunteers with the non-profit The Loving Arms Foundation, which supports the needs of homeless individuals in the area. In addition to helping provide clothing and meals for the homeless, Robin has participated in holiday toy drives among other volunteer activities. For her support of the community, Robin is awarded this Heart of Bob’s.

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Danielle Middleton

A Retail Guest Support Lead in Bob’s New London, Connecticut store, Danielle also has a special talent she uses to help others when she’s not working. Danielle has been handmaking winter caps and mittens for the homeless or underprivileged in the greater Norwich area for the last two years. Using her own supplies or yarn donated by fellow team members, Danielle has made hundreds of matching hats and gloves for those in need. For her dedication to helping others, Danielle is awarded this Heart of Bob’s.

Wayne Conlogue's photo

Jennifer Cludinski

A Human Resource Compliance Manager located in the Home Once in Manchester, Connecticut, Jen is a neighbor anyone would be lucky to have. After checking in on an elderly neighbor suffering from illness, Jen alerted family members to some concerns. Jen’s persistence that her neighbor needed care was crucial to this person’s wellbeing. Jen possesses much integrity taking time to care about her neighbors and those around her. For her loyal sense of community, she is awarded this Heart of Bob’s.

Wayne Conlogue's photo

Team Rockville

The Rockville store team located in Maryland rallied together to present a special holiday gift to the group that keeps their Bob’s Discount Furniture showroom clean and ready for business everyday. The store's Guest Experience Specialists wanted to make sure this group of people were honored and recognized for all they do. For their sense of community, Team Rockville is awarded this Heart of Bob’s.