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Sofa FAQs

A quality sofa for your living room seating should be affordable. I firmly believe in being able to find a sofa that can last you decades for a price that fits your budget- whether it’s faux leather, a genuine leather sofa, sleeper sofa, sofa bed, sectional sofa, and the list goes on!

Today, average sofa prices are $3,000 or more. Sounds a bit steep, doesn’t it! With my Bob’s sofas, you can find the exact style and functionality you’re looking for from anywhere between $399 and $1,650. Talk about a steal! If you’re having trouble finding the right sofa for you, feel free to Contact Us!




Tons of my collections have power recline! While my sofas and couches have a ton of great features, one of the most popular ones is the very nifty power reclining sofa.

Check out my sofas with a recliner feature here!




A consistent care routine for your sofa will help it last as long as possible. That means weekly vacuuming and spot-treating spills as soon as they happen to prevent stains from setting into the fabric.

Different types of upholstery require different cleaning approaches. You can certainly clean your sofa with inexpensive household products, but be sure to research which cleaners are safe to use on different fabrics.

Check out my Furniture Care FAQs if you have a cleaning code from your owner’s manual handy!




To find the right size sofa for you or your family, consider the space you’re planning to put the sofa in as well as your existing home decor. In general, the larger the space, the more seats you can comfortably accommodate without making your room feel cramped. If you have more space to fill, consider choosing a sofa with deeper seats, or there are always sectionals to accommodate those times when you’d rather sleep on your sofa than sit!

If you’re working with a small space, make the most of what you’ve got! Your best options are either a small 3-seat sofa or a loveseat paired with accent chairs. Not only will you be able to add more visual interest to your space, you also won't lose any seating! Sounds like a win-win to me.

I know it can be pretty tough to know what will suit your space without seeing it in person. That's why I created a snazzy augmented reality app to help you plan! Download my app to see how that sofa will look in your actual room. Now you can try before you buy!




Sofa, couch... what’s the difference, anyway? The truth is, not much according to today’s designers! The two terms can safely be used interchangeably, where couch is more casual and sofa refers to an intentionally designed piece.

Back in the day, however, they were actually pretty different pieces of furniture- go figure!

Learn more in my Sofa vs Couch: What's the Difference guide!




Being a pretty trendy guy myself, let me drop this knowledge- the most popular sofa styles right now are modern, traditional and contemporary.

Modern sofas are known for their simple design, firm cushions and angular lines.

Traditional sofas can be spotted with their more ornate design, and tufted lines.

Last but most certainly not least, contemporary is a balance between the two styles, with clean lines and traditional accents. No pressure though. Whichever style of sofa you choose, you just can’t lose!




If you’re looking for durability (who isn’t!?) your best bet when choosing a sofa fabric is leather, microfiber or wool. Of course, you should also consider your desired comfort level, and how much wear and tear you expect your couch to be exposed to before deciding on a fabric. You also want the upholstery to be easy to clean and care for, so choose wisely!




Time for a lesson in Comfort 101! I just love this kind of stuff!

I'm glad you asked. There are three main seat cushion types, and two main back cushion types- both of which have a lot to do with how comfortable the sofa is, and also what type of fabric it’s made of.

With seat cushions, there is low density foam, which is the most affordable, but is known to wear a bit more quickly.

High density foam or memory foam, like my famous Bob-O-Pedic Memory Foam (ahem, not to name drop or anything!), holds its shape for longer and sits firmer.

Down cushions, often seen as the most plush and comfortable, are the most expensive, but do need to be fluffed every couple of weeks and may sometimes cause allergic reactions.

With that being said, hybrid cushions are a great value all around. The best of both worlds, so to speak!

With back cushions, there is the pillow back and tight back. Tight back cushions are sewn onto the frame, so you don’t need to worry about them shifting, but they can be harder to clean and keep their shape. Pillow back cushions are exactly what they sound like- nice, comfy pillows for your back!




When investing in a centerpiece of living room furniture like a sofa, it’s important to know about how long it will last to ensure you’re truly getting an untouchable value. The average lifespan ranges from 7-15 years, depending on daily wear. Ideally, you should be able to get a good 15 years of use out of your couch- if you give it plenty of love and care!

And if you’ve been enjoying your sofa for years, don’t worry, it might not be the end just yet! Don’t forget you can always get it reupholstered in some fresh new fabric if you're able to keep its bones in good shape over time.