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Maximize Space with Bunk Beds for Kids

Two beds that take up the floor space of one – it doesn’t get better than that when you’re trying to furnish a kid’s room! My bunk beds have a timeless appeal that can grow with your kids as they get older. Not to mention, the option of twin-over-full bunk beds to really make sure you’ve got your bases covered. I’ve got bunk beds with mattresses included, too!

Bunk Beds FAQs

Bunk beds use standard mattress sizes just like regular beds. My selection lets you choose from twin-over-twin bunk beds or twin-over-full bunk beds. When you select a mattress for your bunk bed, check the product specifications to make sure the mattress isn’t too high for the top bunk guardrail. There should typically be about five inches of space from the top of the mattress to the top of the guardrail. And don’t worry about a box spring or foundation, they’re not needed for my bunk beds!




Kids from the age of six and up can safely take the top bunk of a bunk bed. Four-year-olds can use the bottom bunk at your discretion, just keep in mind that there is no guardrail on the bottom bunk.

While bunk beds are commonly used for kids’ rooms, you’d be surprised at how much weight they can hold! The top bunks of my bunk beds can typically hold about 500 pounds—although you should still limit the capacity to one person—and the bottom bunk can hold even more. This means that kids can use bunk beds into their teens, and even adults can use a bunk bed. Always check the product specifications on your bunk bed to ensure proper usage.




Bunk beds for kids are typically safe as long as they are not used for playing or roughhousing. Bunk bed related injuries are usually due to improper use when kids decide to use their bunk beds as a toy rather than a place to sleep. These injuries usually occur with kids under the age of six.

Guide your little ones on how to safely use their bunk bed and use your best judgement about whether they’re coordinated enough for a bunk bed. You can also help them out by placing a nightlight near the stairs or ladder and situating the bunk bed in the corner of the room so there are two walls surrounding the bed.




All the bells and whistles that sometimes come with bunk beds can really raise the price! If you want a simple but sturdy and stylish bunk bed, that doesn’t look like a fort or rocket ship, my prices start as low as $399 for a twin bunk bed.

From there, you can opt for additional features that practically pay for themselves, like a trundle unit that can transform your bunks into a triple bunk bed with a simple slide or can be used as a storage space. I’ve also got bunk beds with drawers built right into the stairs to really give you the most bang for your buck! To top it off, you can choose bunk beds with mattresses included. Now that’s a deal you don’t see every day!