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Makeup Vanities FAQs

It sure can! Using a bedroom vanity as a desk is an excellent way to get the most out of your purchase. Makeup vanities are typically about the same height as a desk, although some have a lower center section and might be narrower than a standard desk.

If you have a small space, using your makeup table as both a work desk and place to get ready is a great solution. Keeping your vanity organized will make it easy to pull your laptop out and get some work done, then put it away and concentrate on your makeup when it’s time to get ready. My vanities are also perfectly suited for functioning strictly as a desk. The choice is yours!

A vanity set in the bedroom can be placed along any wall, as long as there’s space to pull out your makeup vanity stool and sit down. Next to the bed it can double as a nightstand, or place it between two dressers to create a “getting ready” area.

When deciding where to put your bedroom vanity, consider the lighting in the room and how that might affect your makeup application. A dark corner might be fine if you have a makeup vanity with lights but placing it in front of a window will provide natural light. You’ll also want to consider the wall space behind where your makeup desk will go in case you need to hang a mirror or additional shelving.

Styling your vanity goes hand in hand with organizing it. Since dressing tables typically have relatively limited surface space, you’ll want to get it organized before you style it, so you know how much room you have for decorations.

For makeup or tools you want to keep out rather than stashed in a drawer, choose containers that enhance the décor. To avoid a cluttered appearance, a simple candle, vase of flowers and framed photo can be all you need to style your vanity desk. Perfume bottles always look great on display too, and if you do decide to add any other decorations like mementos or figurines, just be sure you don’t overdo it.

If you have a vanity set with a mirror, much of the styling is already done for you since the chair and mirror will match the vanity. However, if you’re purchasing those separately, you have an additional opportunity to style your vanity by choosing a cute makeup vanity chair and dressing table mirror. Finish styling your vanity with a rug beneath the chair and desk.