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Twin Mattress 101

If you’re narrowing down your search for the perfect twin mattress, you’ve come to the right place! Check out my quick guide to twin mattress size, types and uses.

Twin Mattress Dimensions

A twin bed mattress is 38 inches wide and 75 inches long. However, the thickness can vary depending on the type of mattress you select. My twin mattresses range from 4.5 to 14.5 inches thick, so you’re sure to find one that’s a perfect fit for your bed frame and desired mattress height.

Types of Twin Mattresses

Your sleep needs will determine the type of twin mattress that’s best for you. Memory foam mattresses hug your body for pressure relief while also helping to regulate body temperature. Hybrid mattresses combine memory foam and innersprings for additional stability and support. And my hybrid+ mattresses have the added benefit of just the right amount of bounce!

Another twin mattress option to consider is comfort. Plush mattresses give you the feeling of sinking in while firm mattresses provide more support.


As the smallest standard mattress size, twin mattresses can suit a variety of uses. Although they’re often the bed size of choice for growing kids and bunk beds, twin mattresses can also be ideal for small spaces. Whether you need to fit a bed in a small guest room or want a mattress that travels easily for camping or RV life, a twin mattress is a great option!

Twin Mattress FAQs

Mattresses can be crazy expensive, but we wouldn’t be Bob’s Discount Furniture if we didn’t have the best values around! My twin mattresses range in price from $100 for a basic innerspring mattress to $1,339 for a premium hybrid mattress. Those other guys charge tons more!




A twin XL mattress is five inches longer than a standard twin size mattress. Both mattresses measure 38 inches wide, but a twin XL is 80 inches long while a regular twin is 75. While it may not seem like a big difference, the longer length of a twin XL means that beds or sheets for a twin mattress will likely not fit a twin XL. Additionally, most bunk beds and kids’ beds are made in a twin size.




Twin bed mattresses are often the size parents choose when kids are ready for their first “real” bed. This might happen for little ones as young as three years old with the use of guardrails to keep them safe. However, with my luxurious options for twin mattresses, there doesn’t have to be an age limit to their use.

My high-quality twin mattresses could start out with a child and stay with them until they’re ready to leave home! Wow, easy peasy! One adult who needs a bed for a small space will also be perfectly comfortable on a twin mattress.