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Lounge the Day Away on an Outdoor Sectional

Enjoy the great outdoors in style and comfort with a patio sectional. When you have an outdoor sectional set, you can achieve the configuration and look that’s just right for you! My outdoor sectional furniture features Bob-O-Pedic Memory Foam cushions, rust-free frames and most include a protective cover. Now everyone at the barbecue has a cushy spot to relax!

Outdoor Sectionals FAQs

Compared to some living room sectional sofas, outdoor sectional sofas can indeed seem expensive. Although that’s typically not the case with my sectional patio furniture because my buyers work hard to get you the best pricing!

Since outdoor furniture is exposed to the elements—wind, rain, dirt, sun, cold weather—it’s constructed with different materials than an indoor couch. My outdoor sectional furniture is made with a powder-coated, rust-free aluminum frame and 100% recyclable all-weather wicker. The Bob-O-Pedic Memory Foam cushions are encased in a fabric that is resistant to water, mildew, mold and fading. On top of that, most of my outdoor sectionals include a cover made with 300D Oxford polyester fabric that repels natural precipitation and protects against harmful UV rays.

All of the special details that go into making outdoor patio sectionals durable and able to withstand the weather can affect the price. But at Bob’s, you know I’ve got you covered with the best value and quality for your hard-earned dollar!




The most comfortable outdoor sectionals are the ones made with plush, comfortable memory foam that conforms to your body. Wait a sec, that’s the perfect description of my Bob-O-Pedic Memory Foam! And all of my patio sectional sofas feature my special memory foam. So, there you have it folks, the most comfortable outdoor sectionals are any of the selections from Bob’s Discount Furniture!




You sure can! With proper precautions to protect your outdoor sectional set, it will be just fine in the cold and blustery winter weather. Patio sectionals are designed to go outside, but take care to winterize your furniture by giving it a cleaning following the provided instructions and then place a cover over it for the season.

If you have the space, you can bring your outdoor couch set, or just the cushions, into an enclosed storage space like a garage or shed. However, you’ll still want to cover it to protect against potential leaks and dust.




Patio sectional sets can last anywhere from 10 to 15 years. The lifespan of your outdoor furniture is dependent on regular maintenance and care.

Clean the cushion covers with a water-based upholstery cleaner only, frequently vacuum or lightly brush them to remove dust and dirt and use a professional cleaning service when they become soiled overall. The all-weather wicker frame should be cleaned regularly, too. Rinse it off with the hose if it’s not too dirty or use a mild oil-based soap and water mixture if it’s more soiled. After washing the frame or cushions, be sure to let them dry completely.

Lastly, always use the protective cover in the event of inclement weather. Consider setting a yearly deep cleaning and maintenance schedule like you would for your indoor furniture, and you’ll be well on your way to enjoying your patio sectional set for years to come!