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The Dresser of Your Dreams at a Price That’s Nice

Your hunt for the perfect dresser ends here! My affordable options for dresser drawers include traditional or contemporary styles, up to 12 drawers and special features like felt-lined top drawers, hidden jewelry trays and even power outlets and USB ports. Now you can store all your stuff in a bedroom dresser that’s just as good-looking as your wardrobe!

Chests & Dressers FAQs

The difference between a dresser and a chest of drawers comes down to dimensions. Dressers are short and wide while chests are tall and narrow. Chests of drawers are essentially tall dressers, utilizing vertical space to occupy a smaller footprint in the bedroom. Depending on the size of your bedroom, chests can be great space-savers, or you might have room for both a dresser and a tall chest of drawers.

My bedroom sets are a fantastic option for getting a matching chest, large dresser and bed all at once for an untouchable value!




Dressers are typically placed along a wall in the bedroom. Other than that, there’s no set spot for a dresser to be placed as long as you have enough space to open the drawers.

When deciding where to place your dresser, take your routine into consideration. If you get dressed by using items from both the closet and the dresser, place your dresser near the closet. If you have a mirror above your dresser where you always give yourself one last look, place your dresser near the door. You can also decide where to place it based on the layout of the room. Along the opposite wall from your bed and nightstands can strike a nice balance. Or, if you have an open wall, centering a dresser there can create a nice focal point!




First and foremost, keep it simple! While the top of your dresser or chest dresser provides an excellent surface to display decorative items and enhance the overall theme or color palette of the room, it’s still a relatively small space that may be easily overwhelmed by too much stuff.

Accessorize your bedroom dresser with items such as candles, vases, small sculptures, figurines, collectables, plants or framed photos, making sure to only select a few items that you’d like to stand out. Pick items that complement the rest of the room to avoid any distracting clashes. Lastly, choosing one of my dressers with a mirror is a great option for creating the illusion of more space and really showcasing how you’ve decorated your dresser.




Adding a mirror to a room is a classic decorating tip. It instantly opens up the room and makes it look bigger than it is. Mirrors can also brighten a room and add a point of interest. A dresser with a mirror has the same timeless benefits and will probably never go out of style. Add one of my dressers with a mirror or vanity set to your bedroom and you’ll quickly see why decorating with mirrors is a wise choice!