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Bob's Delivery & Service Tracker

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My delivery tracker updates expected service and delivery times on the day of delivery and up to 2 days prior to your delivery date.

If you are expecting a delivery or service, it is important that your driveways, walkways, sidewalks and stairs/steps are free of snow and/or ice. If our teams are not able to safely access your home, we may have to reschedule your service or delivery for another day. Thank you in advance.

We route your delivery/service using a state of the art computer system which helps ensure that your delivery/service will arrive within the time frame you have been provided. Traffic conditions, delivery delays and inclement weather can affect the arrival time of your delivery/service. We provide a 4 hour estimated window for your delivery, and a 2 hour estimated window for your service; via phone 2 days prior. Please understand that our time window is not a guarantee but an estimate and we ask that you be prepared to be home during your estimated 4 hour window time for delivery, or 2 hour window time for service.

Based on GPS technology and the progress of the delivery truck or service van, you may see your displayed arrival time change periodically, as it will update with the most accurate time based on the delivery/service location throughout the day.

Your Customer Number can be found in the information box in the top right section of your invoice.

In addition, technical issues may occur outside of our control that may alter the accurate projected arrival time. My Bob’s Team will do it's very best to contact you personally with notification of changes to your estimated time window as we become aware of them.

For further assistance tracking your delivery, please call 800-569-1284

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