sleep comes easy.


A luxurious mattress delivered to your door in days.

The Bob-O-Pedic ZZZOOM typically ships within 5 - 7 business days. If you purchase your mattress in store, you can choose to have it shipped via FedEx or Bob’s Home Delivery. If you purchase your mattress online, it will ship via FedEx when purchased alone or in combination with Bob’s Value Express items. If purchased online with other furniture, it will ship via Bob’s Home Delivery.

Mattresses shipped via FedEx are vacuum-sealed in a compact box and require special setup. There are just a few simple (and fun!) steps to unbox, unfurl and expand your mattress. See mattress setup details  for easy to follow instructions.

If your Bob-O-Pedic ZZZOOM is shipped via Bob’s Home Delivery, Bob’s Delivery team will unbox and setup your mattress.

Mattresses that ship via FedEx do not qualify for removal of your old mattress.

Shipping Fees

FedEx shipping fee $29.99 each mattress, any size

Bob’s Home Delivery fee

For In-Zone deliveries, the price of the mattress is calculated into your order subtotal, which determines the delivery fee tier, and corresponding Bob’s Home Delivery fee.

Order Subtotal Delivery TierBob’s Home Delivery Fee
Up to $399.99 $49.99
$400 - $599.99 $69.99
$600 - $999.99 $109.99
$1000 - $1299.99 $139.99
$1300 - $1499.99 $169.99
$1500 - $1699.99 $189.99
$1700 - $1999.99 $219.99
$2000 - $2299.99 $249.99
$2300 - $2599.99 $279.99
$2600 - $2899.99 $299.99
$2900 and up $329.99
Maximum In-Zone Delivery fee $329.99