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Learn how Bob’s does the work, so you get the discount...

Bob’s does the work, so you get the discount.

Behind every incredible price you see at Bob’s, there’s a story. It’s a story of all the men and women who bargain hard to get the best prices for our customers. It’s a story of how we keep out costs low, by not buying fancy brand name labels, because every dollar we save is a dollar we can keep off our price tags. It’s a story of Bob’s Way, an ethos that is as strong today as it was over 30 years ago when Bob Kauffman opened his first store. Today Bob’s has over 150 stores coast to coast, and yet Bob’s Way keeps us honest, transparent and fun. Bob’s Way is both how we are able to get “Bob’s Discount”…and why we pass it on to our customers without ever resorting to phony sales or gimmicks. At Bob’s you get “Bobs’ Discount” every day.

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Bob’s is on a mission.

A motorcycle accident set Bob Kauffman on a course that would change furniture shopping forever. You can watch that epic story below. TLDR: Bob opened his first store in central Connecticut in 1991. Out of the gate his store was different. There were no sales or gimmicks. There were no pushy sales people. There were no shady gimmicks. Bob wanted his customers to feel as good about shopping Bob’s as they felt about their new furniture. The cherry on top? He included free candy, cookies, coffee and ice cream in all his stores.

Learn why Bob’s is on a mission...

The epic Bob-umentary

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Bob’s buys more, so you pay less.

A big part of “Bob’s Discount” is the company’s purchasing clout and buying strategy. Bob’s buys a lot of furniture every year direct from the manufacturers. That gives the company a leg up when negotiating features and prices on behalf of our customers. You may also notice that Bob’s buys more of fewer items. That approach not only strengthens our purchasing clout, but it also saves our customers time. Who wants to sort through dozens of similar looking items to find the one item they want? Bob’s carefully curates our assortment to save our customers time and money!

Lear why Bob's buys more, so you can pay less...
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Bob’s leverages long-standing relationships

Bob’s has been in business for more than 30 years. In that time the company has forged incredible relationships with manufacturers all over the world. And only manufacturers with proven track records of treating their employees fairly and committed to using only the best possible materials like real wood and leather. Those relationships are key ingredients in “Bob’s Discount.”

Learn how Bob’s leverages long-standing relationships
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Bob’s saves so you save

From the very beginning Bob’s has been no-frills. Because frills drive up prices. For instance, many retailers buy expensive brand name labels. By avoiding those labels, buying direct and using our furniture smarts, we can offer the same quality as many of the fancier furniture stores but at a fraction of the cost. The more we keep our costs low, the more powerful we can make “Bob’s Discount.”

Lean how Bob’s saves so you save!
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Bob’s says no to phony sales and gimmicks

When you see “Bob’s Discount” you can feel confident that the people at Bob’s worked hard to get you the price on the tag. It’s as simple as that. We believe “sales” are unfair and misleading because often times retailers raise their prices in order to make their sales look more appealing. Bob’s is strictly “every day low price.". That means you’re getting the lowest price every day not just when it’s convenient to the company.

Learn why Bob's says no to phony sales and gimmicks.
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Bob’s Way is our way.

Behind “Bob’s Discount” are the thousands of men and women who share our founder’s ethos: Bob’s Way. From the Sales Associates you meet in our stores to the buyers and supply chain experts who work behind the scenes, we each live and breathe Bob’s Way every day. We treat our customers honestly and fairly every day…and we have fun doing it. So while Bob’s is one of the fastest growing retailers in the country, Bob’s Way continues to be our beacon…and the secret sauce in “Bob’s Discount.”

Learn why the Bob's way is our way!