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The Sectional Revolution

More than 200 years ago, someone was inspired to push two sofas together and create the first sectional. It was the start of a revolution – the sectional revolution. The Victorian era was super social, and what better way to entertain guests, than with modular pieces of furniture that could be moved to create different seating arrangements! The sectional was – and remains today - a truly innovative way to customize the look and feel of any room. Read on if your space needs a little sectional healing

Why is sectional furniture such a game-changer?

It fits.

Who hasn’t moved into a house or apartment and held their breath to see if the sofa would make it around a tight corner and through a narrow hallway? Sectionals are designed to separate into smaller pieces and reassemble any which way. Pure genius!

It brings people together.

Sectional furniture provides more seating in the same amount of space than a combination of separate pieces. So, if you love to entertain or want room for the whole family to sit together comfortably - without bickering - a sectional is your best bet.

It gives you options.

Today’s sectionals offer lots of options for every lifestyle, like built-in recliners and sleepers, consoles with cup holders, hidden storage and even USB outlets! Most sectionals are modular, so you can customize the setup of pieces to fit your space best.

It suits every style.

Whether your style is contemporary or traditional, formal or casual, there’s a sectional for you. Large scale or apartment-sized, easy-care or fashion forward the shapes and styles of today’s sectional furniture can work for everyone and every space!

Check out my Bob’s complete collection of stylish sectional furniture here! Then use my handy Room Planner to design and preview furniture setups in your virtual space and build your perfect room!