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Father’s Day. That favorite Sunday in June for all dads when they can sit back and relax. The grass isn’t going anywhere and that honey-do-list isn’t going anywhere either, so take a few minutes – or hours – to kick back and enjoy the day. You can always mow the grass and tackle those house repairs tomorrow! While you’re sitting down and celebrating Father’s Day, why not treat yourself to a new bed or recliner? Explore our Father’s Day Furniture Gift Guide. 

Here are a few tips to help all dads enjoy Father’s Day:

1. Find a Good Recliner

Preferably one with Bob-O-Pedic cushioning.

2. Line up the Snacks

This is going to be a long day of doing nothing.

3. Don't Forget the Beverage

Open said beverage.

4. Turn on the Game

Or binge watch your favorite show.

5. Enjoy

It's your day, Dad!


Go ahead, treat yourself to the Father's Day furniture you deserve >>