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Customer Testimonials


See What Our Customers Are Saying About Our Products, Stores, Customer Care & Delivery Service!



To read more reviews, visit the Bob's Discount Furniture BBB profile, where we are a BBB accredited business with an A+ rating.

 Aaron was extremely helpful and lovely to deal with. He provided service while being courteous and polite.  

Claire • from Greenwich,  CT

I want to make sure everyone knows how kind and professional Joseph was. I was so impressed with how patient and understanding Joseph presented himself and how efficiently he was able to access and solve my issues.

Daniel • from Leeds,  MA 

I want to praise Heather for a job well done! She was understanding and compassionate to the tenth power. You’re lucky to have someone like her helping your customers.

Jasmine • from Washington,  DC

Colin is the nicest guy, very passionate and an overall ace! In the world we live in, most people are simply waiting to talk but Colin is a patient listener.

Bill • from Yorktown,  NY

I want to let everyone know that Alex handled my concerns so well and proved that Bob’s really does stand behind their products and do whatever they can to make things right for the customer. Alex has set a gold standard for customer service and I hope that others follow in his footsteps! 


I want to let Bob know that I spoke with Dan in customer service in Norwich this morning with a complicated issue and he exceeded any expectations I had. I have dealt w/ many companies in my life and he is by far the best. Thank you Dan! 

Dan • from Rye, NY

The way Karen handled my concerns left me speechless! My whole outlook on Bob’s has changed because of her. Karen was proficient, polite and just an overall nice person. I’ve regained my trust in Bob’s and I’ll be purchasing more furniture soon!

Carlos • from Hyattsville, MD

I am so impressed with how Bob’s handles their customers. I work in retail and even my company doesn’t treat customers this good. Bob’s is hassle free, impressive as far as how respectful and professional the agents are, and customer centric!


I had a wonderful experience with customer care and would like everyone to know that Brad went above and beyond. Brad completely changed my opinion of your company and I’ll definitely be shopping here again!

Anil • from Queens, NY

I am overwhelmed with joy that Lauren was so very kind in addressing my concerns. I had a less than pleasant experience with my delivery but Lauren was able to leave me with a smile!

Lisa • from Thomaston, CT

I am extremely happy with the assistance that I received from Debbie! She went the extra mile to get me the assistance that was needed with my delivery and time frame. To top it off, she kept the call upbeat and was wonderfully kind!

Donna • from Riverhead, NY

I enjoyed my experience with every single person that I’ve encountered at Bob’s Discount Furniture. The delivery experience was extremely professional and the men who came to deliver were so kind and courteous. Whenever I visit the store, every employee is warm and welcoming that I can’t help but to come back and buy more! Each and every time I’ve spoken with Customer Care I’ve received a very personal and professional experience. I can’t help but to boast to my friends because I’m so impressed!

Sherely • from Bronx, NY

Heather is fabulous! She anticipated what I might need to resolve the problem and kept the call moving. She even checked in with me periodically to let me know that she was still on the line assisting.  Needless to say, Heather made my day!

Helen • from Washington, DC

I have called in many times to the Customer Care line and I’ve loved everyone that I’ve spoken with. However, Lauren wasn’t just nice, but genuinely cared about my concerns. Even though options were limited, Lauren made sure she used every available resource to see what could be done for me!


Cynthia was absolutely wonderful, very attentive to my needs and incredibly thorough in her explanations!


I want to give kudos to my awesome customer care agent, Jess and the tech that came to my home today. The reason Bob's is so successful is because of agents like Jess who make customers feel special and not just a number!


I am over the moon with how great Colin’s service was! I don’t let a day go by without speaking with someone about how well Colin listened to me and just how much of an impact he made on my experience. I have never had such great service in my life! Colin is an amazing representation of this company!

Colleen • from Windsor, CT

Great job to Karla! She listened to everything I had to say, answered every question and took care of everything for me!

Constance • from Boothwyn, PA

I am so incredibly happy with the service that I got from Lucieana today! She was so wonderful and helpful throughout the entire call. I am so impressed with the overall service that I’m going to brag about it to everyone I possibly can!


I can't say enough good things about Brie. She was helpful, prompt and professional. Although I was upset when I called in, Brie turned my mood around by the end of the call.

Loria • from Brooklyn, NY

Cindi was very helpful! She was able to promptly resolve my concerns and I wanted to personally thank her for doing a great job! I love Bob’s Discount Furniture!

Anupam • from Westford, MA

I don’t usually comment on the service that I receive but I was “wow’d” with the services that Rosalinda provided for me. I want to make sure the whole company knows!

Jacqueline • from Brooklyn, NY

I just wanted to let everyone know how wonderful and helpful Erica was. She really listened to what I had to say and got things done! You have outstanding customer service!

David • from Hauppauge, NY

Lisa was absolutely fabulous! You don’t usually get such wonderful assistance so I wanted to make sure that Lisa’s great customer service skills got noticed. I will definitely shop from Bob’s again due to the way Lisa helped me today!

Brianna • from South Arlingtont, VA

I want to give praise to Aaron! He was able to diffuse a very sticky situation and by the end of the call I felt like I was sincerely taken care of. Aaron represents your company to the extreme in the best way possible. He’s restored my faith in Bob’s and retain in full!

Roberto • from Elmhurst, NY

I am so impressed with Erica’s service! I was having issues getting my merchandise and it was beginning to feel as though no one was going help…until today! Erica was able to help address my issues, offer service and do it all in a pleasant manner. I’ve worked in customer service myself and I’ve never experienced anything like this!

Cindy • from Portland, ME

Clari was efficient, displayed professionalism and was very polite. I’ll have all of my friends ask for Clari!

Pedro • from Jackson Heights, NY

Although I was not 100% happy with your resolution, I was 100% impressed with the way Joslyn helped me. Joslyn was knowledgeable, patient and very helpful. It's the best customer service that I have ever received!

Sherrell • from Flushing, NY

When I first called Bob’s in regards to my part order I thought everyone was going to give me the runaround but I was wrong.  Claritza was polite, professional and went out of her way to get an alternative recourse for me.

Jose • from Danbury, CT

I want everyone to know how wonderful Aaron is. He was just fantastic, very bubbly and really wanted to help me. He went above and beyond for me and I can’t thank him enough for all of his help.

Lorraine • from West Haven, CT

Thank you to Lisa for all of your help! The delivery guys (Jose, Elias and Navaro) were also professional, nice and did a great job!

Irving • from Rockaway Park, NY

If I could do a survey, Bretta’s service would be higher than a 10! I truly appreciate Stephanie and Bretta for their hard work on my account. Bob’s customer service is better any other furniture store!

Cheryl • from Washington, DC

I can't say thank you enough to Dawn for helping me resolve the issue I had with my power lift recliner. I stuck in a very tough position with a malfunctioning power lift recliner, but Dawn was able to show me that she cared and made sure that my issues were resolved. You definitely have an angel working for you. Dawn made me a believer in Bob's and deserves to be recognized!

Willie • from Allertown, NY

From the day I walked into the store, everyone from the sales people, customer service and delivery were so polite and accommodating! Michael was especially nice and customer friendly!

Louretta • from Swampscott, MA

I want to happily document that as a result of reaching out to you we were put into the hands of David. Being put into David's capable hands resulted in a lengthy and most satisfying solution to the issue of my son's headboard. From the beginning, David established himself as a professional, trustworthy and resourceful person. The solution to our issue was not an easy one because we asked to go "outside the box" to keep our bedroom set. Because David was clever and resourceful and had a strong resolve, he too, was only able to solve our issue by going "outside the box" himself.  This involved countless e-mails to us with questions, ideas and suggestions.  On his own and behind the scenes, he worked with his superiors, store managers from several stores and delivery companies both connected and not connected with Bob's to work through a solution. Every email was answered promptly, every idea thoughtfully hashed out and consultative in nature. He promised to stick with us until an alternative headboard was received. He promised to be there for us should any future problems arise. He kept his word at every turn. He even called to see how my husband made out with his surgery which came in the middle of the resolution. David has restored our faith in Bob's.  He has restored our faith in the ideals of professionalism. He is one of a kind and should receive recognition for his outstanding efforts. Bob's company is fortunate to have someone like David on their staff. Bravo!


Jennifer was patient, kind, understanding and willing to take the time to make sure that all of my concerns were addressed. She even made sure not to get off the line until I was satisfied!

Maureen • from Seaford, NY

I wanted to make sure that Cathy got the recognition she deserved. She was able to listen to my problems, remain personable and help find a resolution.

Frank • from White Plains, NY

I am very happy with Laurie and Courtney's customer service! They were great, amazing and courteous!

Elridge • from Waldorf, MD

Marci was wonderful, fantastic, went above and beyond and did a fabulous job!

Patricia • from Andover, MA

I have been through a lot with Bob's but I am very happy that I got to speak to Marci. She was able to take care of all of my worries and the reason why I'm still a customer at Bob's!

Kevin • from Poughquag, NY

Krystal was amazing and her customer service was fantastic! I am going to make sure that I recommend all of my friends and family to Bob's after the great experience that I had.

Maureen • from Brentwood, NY

There are not enough good words to say about Jordan, she was very professional and courteous. She should be recognized because she is the best!

Joseph • from Highlands, NJ

Marci has great customer service skills! She was very polite and calming and explained everything. She also followed through with everything that I asked - overall amazing and outstanding!

Maureen • from Seaford, NY

 I am so amazingly happy that Joslyn was the one that got my call. She went above and beyond and made my day. I had an issue with my father's chair for medical reasons and Joslyn took the initiative to get us a brand new chair the next day! My whole family- especially my father extend our deepest thanks to Joslyn. She should be a model of how all of your agents should be.

  - Sara • from Prospect, CT

David helped us enormously, he was such a special guy and we are so grateful.

  - Susan & Steve • from New Rochelle, NY

I am so happy with the service that I received from Maria. Even though I was being a pain, Maria was patient, understanding and helpful. She is definitely an asset to your company!

  - Edward • from Waterford, CT

Debbie was able to find a solution that could work for me and was patient with all of my issues. She was so dedicated to her craft and I appreciate her hard work. She did an amazing job!

  - Marsaynii • from West Haven, CT

I couldn't be happier to have spoken to Laurie. She needs a raise and a promotion to training manager! Everyone should be more like her!

  - Blaine • from Stoughton, MA

Speaking with Krystal was one of the first times that I've ever received such amazing help from a customer service rep!

  - Khalid • from Reston, VA

I wanted everyone to know what a great job that Shanna did. She was able to answer all of my questions and take care of everything! She was just perfect!

  - Ella • from Freeport, NY

I spoke with Abby today and she was absolutely amazing and went above and beyond!

  - Nikki • from Oakdale, CT

Jordan was the most outgoing and professional rep that I've ever spoke with. I typically can't stand calling call centers but Jordan made the experience so friendly that I had to brag about her!

  - Shay • from Concord, NH

Brittani is what every one of your customer service reps should be! I felt like I was speaking with a friend who genuinely cared for me. I want to make sure that it was known that Brittani was simply phenomenal and went above and beyond!

  - Jean • from Port Jervis, NY

I have always dealt with quick, nice and professional reps at Bob's, but today I got to speak with Melinda and she was EXTROIDINARY!

  - John • from Ridge, NY

Michael was the kindest young man! You have a keeper on your hands; I wish more people would act like Michael.

  - Barbara • from New Britain, CT

Michael was very professional and deserves to get all of the compliments that he can get! The service technician, Harold, also did a wonderful job and was professional and courteous!

 - Jennifer • from Jersey City, NJ

I want to give Maria a huge thank you! She was very professional and just awesome. I had so much going on in my account and she was great at making sure the paperwork was set up correctly. She was patient and went through a lot of work to find my order but was still happy to help!

 - Mark • from Hillsborough, NH

Jordan was nice, great and professional!

 - Aaron • from Tewksbury, MA

Laurie was amazing, she had a very good grasp of her job and made me feel a lot better about the experience that I had with Bob's. I'll make sure to recommend people to Bob's because of her!

 - John • from Ridge, NY

I am immensely happy with the customer service that I received from Shanna. She went above and beyond and made me feel like I was being taken care of. Shanna was smart, kind, and gives Bob's a good name. If I could, I would give her a raise!

 - Joe • from Long Beach, NY

I am very pleased with the assistance that I received from Sarah. I was disappointed after calling Goof Proof directly but once I spoke to Sarah she explained everything in detail, calmed me down and let me know that Bob's actually could assist me. I just want to make sure that everyone knows how great of a job Sarah did.

 - Albert • from North Providence, RI

Catherine provided fantastic customer service and did an amazing job at making sure that I stay a loyal customer.

Stacey • from Bronx, NY 

Joslyn has great customer service skills! She took the time to listen to me and that alone made me feel better. Sometimes that is all it takes.

Stacey • from Boylston, MA 

I want to make sure that everyone knows what a gem Jami is. Although I was upset about a delivery, Jami was honest and able to calm me down. I am very pleased with the professionalism and care that I received from her.

Robert • from Garden City, NY 

Even with a huge pre-Christmas weekend rush, Debbie was knowledgeable and informative. She explained everything in detail about Goof Proof Plus and was able to offer me the amazing upgrade at no cost. My faith has been restored in Bob's all thanks to Debbie!

Cynthia • from Ridge, NY 

I was having a hard time trying to figure out how to get a refund on a simple overcharge on my card and Cathy was the first person to pick up the pace and figure out exactly what to do. I can't say enough nice things about her. Her work ethic should be used as an example to all. She showed initiative and made me comfortable and happy to be a Bob's customer!

Omar • from Bronx, NY  

I was simply delighted to have dealt with Peter. I may have been a bit terse but Peter was very patient and helpful and turned my attitude right around.


Thank you to Jillian for being so patient with me. Although I was not happy with the Goof Proof Policy, Jillian was amazing and took her time explaining everything to me in the best way!

John • from Woonsocket, RI  

I am very happy that I was able to speak with Jennifer; she has this Customer Service stuff down to a science!


I am so glad that I got to speak with Brie! Initially, I felt that no one was able to truly listen and fix my problems but when I spoke to Brie she took the time to cover every aspect of my account and ease my worries for the future.

Lee from Medford, NY

I was having a bunch of issues trying to file a claim but when I spoke to Nicole I felt very welcome. She was the best, most efficient, kind worker I've ever spoke with. She should be in charge of quality assurance!

Carlos from Bronx, NY

Debbie took the time to explain everything to me and made me feel confident in doing business with Bob's. She was kind, professional, and courteous!

Carol from Waterbury, CT

I can only say great things about Cherrielle. She was very kind, polite and helpful.


I was blown away by Claritza! My previous experiences had not gone well but Claritza was wonderful. She was personable & professional.

Jackie from Commack, NY

I can't stop raving about my delivery experience. Vivian in particular was so kind and willing to help and had fantastic customer service. My experience was already going pretty well but people like Vivian are the ones that take pretty well and make it fantastic!

Elizabeth from Newington, CT

I was floored at how greatly I was treated by Joslyn- she is definitely a keeper! I used to work as a customer service manager and it's so rare to speak with someone as confident, kind, and professional as Joslyn. You don't find people as strong suited as her in customer service nowadays!

Jennifer from Wallkill, NY

I was very happy working with Sarah and if I were her boss I would promote her immediately!

Errol from Bridgeport, CT

I was blown away by Maria's customer service. I was ready to give up until speaking with her. Maria was very clear, pleasant and had excellent mannerisms. She is a model example of customer service!

Theadora from Bellingham, MA 

I have called other companies before and I am blown away by the quick and immediate service that I experienced with Michael. He was so nice to deal with and just very pleasant.

Rosemary from Hartsdale, NY

Michael was very calm and listened as he tried to be as helpful as possible. Brittani was also great to work with. I am very happy with them both and I want to make sure everyone knows what a great job they did!

Sabine from Mattapan, MA

People like Laurie are the reason why I recommend Bob's to others! I am so pleased with the customer service that I received on our phone call and the amount of time and patience that Laurie spent with me.

Linda from Forest Hills, NY

Although I had a lot of confusion with my account, Matthew was able to help me figure out the issue I was having with my delivery. Even though Matthew was new, he was right on the ball!

Catherine from Branford, CT 

Lisa took the time to address my needs and resolve the only blemish that I had with my Bob's experience.

Karen from Farmingdale, NY 

Peter was able to help me get a reselection on a set that I had lost all hope for. I'm very happy to know that someone actually cared about my concerns and was apologetic about my previous concerns.

Michael from Staten Island, NY

After speaking with Miguelina, all I can say is that she was patient, helpful, wonderful and just a great agent!

Stacy from Yonkers, NY

I want everyone to know what a great job Jordan did today. She was absolutely phenomenal and was the only person that actually listened to me. She provided wonderful service and I could tell she was smiling!

 - Lisa from Arlington, MA

I want all of Bob's to know that you have a star on your hands. Joslyn was very cooperative and kind and thanks to her, I'll be back to purchase from Bob's again!

Kathleen from Woodbridge, NJ

Mike was very nice and accommodating while I explained the issues that I was having. I am pleased with the service Mike provided me today.

Rocco from Mount Vernon, NY

I have nothing but kind words to say about Donna! She pulled up my account easily and was professional and kind the entire time. Donna's kind attitude gives me even more reason to come back to Bob's. Please make sure the Bob's Big Wigs know how great of a job Donna did!

Katherine from Merrimack, NH

I am so pleased that there are still customer service representatives that care as much as Brittani! She was able to resolve all of my concerns!


I had the pleasure of speaking with Katheline a few days ago who helped me a issue that I had. She not only had the patience of a saint, she was also understanding and pleasant. She did an amazing job and should definitely be recognized. 

John from Iselin, NJ

I was initially a little upset about having to call in and wait for someone to answer my call but when Sasha picked up the phone she was so polite, calm and sympathetic that I am now a happy customer! Sasha was well worth the wait and I hope everyone in Customer Service is as wonderful as she is.


Mike was such a nice customer rep who really took the time to address my concerns. I couldn't have asked for a better Bob's employee to speak to!

Lil from South Richmond Hill, NY

I just got the delivery of my two red recliners and love them. Thanks very much. I would also like to commend Luis the delivery guy--good guy and outstanding work!

- Anthony from New York, NY

I would like to thank Angela for such good customer service she provided me with on the phone concerning my furniture issue, everything was resolved and I'm happy as always.

- Sorange from Wardman, MA

I just wanted to give Bob's a perfect score on quality and delivery of my recent purchase of accent chair/recliner.

- Genevieve from Secaucus, NJ

I had a delivery yesterday. I just wanted to say that the entire Bob's purchase process was great! Sales, Delivery and Customer follow-up all did a super job. Keep up the good work!!

- David from Woburn, MA

I am writing to express my gratitude to the office manager, JoAnne Walters, at your Yonkers store. When we had a problem with our furniture and needed professional assistance, Ms. Walters provided services above and beyond which we could ever expected. Because of her, we will be delighted to shop At Bob''s furniture in Yonkers, N.Y. again. You are very lucky to have a young woman in your organization who is both bright, professional, and customer oriented.

- Debbie from Ardsley, NY

I am very Happy that was chair was replaced, I didn't expect that, I was wowed by your Customer Service Team. Kudos to your whole team. Thank you.

- Michael from Bridgeport, CT

Sean is an excellent employee and one of the best customer service agents I have ever worked with, out of every company, not just Bob's.

- Andre from Brooklyn, NY

I have spoken to Claritza six times in total and I am glad I was able to speak with her every time because she was so helpful and caring with each new occurance. My wife worked in customer care and she was equally impressed with Claritza's performance.

- Warren from North Haledon, NJ

This is an accommodation for Michael Garibaldi from the Woodbridge, NJ location. This morning it was my intention to cancel my order. Not because I wasn't satisfied with my choices, but because of an emergency financial situation that I am facing. Michael explained my options, was patient & understanding. So instead of me canceling, I decided to keep the order. I believe in giving credit where credit is due. I would tell everyone about my experience. I am TRULY, SINCERELY a SATISFIED customer. Thank you Michael for a wonderful experience.

- Adrieanne from North Brunswick, NJ

Even though my recliner was torn, I am in love with your service and product selection.  I am very happy that your customer service department and service technicians are thorough and helpful. I can't wait to purchase more.

- Rita from Halesite, NY

I wanted to compliment the service tech as well as Brian T. for the excellent service they both have given me. They both went above and beyond to make it right for me. I will continue to shop at Bob's due to the great service provided.

Claire from Oxford, CT

Just wanted you to know about my experience at your Farmingdale store. I was greeted by Hedva Bakal. I explained to her I hate to shop but needed to fill my living room with furniture. I told her what I wanted and the size of my room... This wonderful young lady took me through your store as if she designed it herself. We found everything I wanted. I was out of there in a half hour with my receipt and delivery date..I was so impressed with her I just felt you needed to know. Employees like that are hard to find. She was wonderful to work with. I am sure my new living room will look great.

- Gina from Lindenhurst, NY

I have NEVER had such an incredible customer care person on the phone as I did this Sunday the 15th of Sept. PAM was unbelievable. Patient and sweet with over the top service. I was so impressed, I just had to email. PLEASE see that he hears about this.

- Joy from Concord, NH

Back in July my wife and I had an issue with our new Bob-O-Pedic. I just wanted to take a minute to say how thankful we were for how our situation was handled. Sarah, the Office Manager at your Warwick, RI store could not have been more understanding or helpful. We had a unique medical situation that led to our issue and she (and Steve I believe) were really great about working with us to resolve the problem. Everyone at Bob's have always been great, but Sarah definitely went above and beyond. So I wanted to take a moment to tell you about your exceptional employee. We will continue to shop at Bob's and recommend your store to others who need new furniture.

- Andrew from North Smithfield, RI

Tracy was one of the most understanding representatives that I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Everyone else I have spoken with has not been so helpful but Tracy quickly accessed the account and resolved the issues at hand. 

- Ashanty from Newark, NJ

I just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic customer service I was provided. My product arrived today and the gentleman that I spoke with yesterday on your customer service line was wonderful. I'm just sorry I didn't get his name.

- Amy from Walden, NY

Just wanted to give a shout out to one of your associates! Candace Kuhlman who went above and beyond to help me find something that was no longer featured in your store! I puchased a chair and a half and wanted to buy an ottoman to go with it. You no longer carry this come to find out after she did much research, but she went way above and beyond to let me know the name of the company that makes it and also told me about the E-PIT. She is for sure a keeper and I appreciate the time she spent with me to figure out exactly what I purchased and how to figure out if I could get the otttaman I am looking for!!! Thank you Candace Kuhlman in your Warwick, RI store! I was truly IMPRESSED!! I do hope this makes its way to a BIG cograts for her!!!

- Carol from Warwick, RI

This morning I spoke to your rep Karen. The phone was answered promptly, my questions were addressed and she was able to accommodate my request for a Thursday service call. This is why we will continue to be customers and send our friends there. In today's day of foreign customer service, long hold times, and uninformed customer service agents, it is a please to have all three components together!

- Carole from North Woodmere, NY

We recently met Alisha Thomas in your Bridgeport store. She showed us your full mattress line - SHE WAS THE MOST KNOWLEDGEABLE PERSON we met in our search for a mattress. She treated us respectfully and was very patient. She represented your store and furnishings extremely well. You should be thankful to have such a great employee.

- John from Westport, CT

Bob's has the most reliable, considerate, professional, and accommodating delivery people I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Both the team that came yesterday to delivery my accent cabinet and the team that came in March to deliver my bedroom set were WONDERFUL! Thank you for your wonderful service.

- Nancy from Bellmore, NY

Felicia was a wonderful customer service agent. She was very nice and solved every issue I had. She should get a golden star of approval.

- Jean from Naugatuck, CT

I was very impressed with the service that David provided me today. He was a pleasure and a gentleman from day 1, and a complete gem. He made a sour situation sweet and is an asset to Bob's.

- Mark from Livingston, NJ

We are thrilled with the service that we've received from everyone that we have come in contact with while buying our new couch. Edgar Tejeda, our salesman, was awesome. He didn't hover but was close enough so when we had questions, he could answer them. The delivery team of Arturo M. and Luis V. were outstanding. Thank you for such a great experience. We will be back!

- Marcella from Denville, NJ

I had a problem with furniture fitting up my apartment stairway and didn't know what to do. I was stressed and wasn't sure that I would get any kind of resolution. However after speaking with Courtney, I felt more at ease because Courtney was polite, understanding and provided me with options. She was wonderful and you are very lucky to have her working at Bobs.

- Ann from Harrison, NY

I only have a compliment to share about my amazing experience working with one of your salespeople, Barbara Verner, who works at your Bridgeport, CT location. Barbara was attentive, but not overbearing. She was very professional, helpful and had a great smile. She did not hesitate to answer our questions about the leather sofa we purchased. I personally, love her spirit and attitude. I wish I purchased more items so that Barbara could make more money. She works well and deserves every dollar she earns! I told my kids, who were also shopping at the same time, to make sure they see Barbara Verner the next time they need furniture! Thanks, Barbara!!!

- Vivian & Richard from Glen Cove, NY

Your delivery team had accidently bumped into a lamp causing it to break but Donna made sure the proper departments were informed to resolve the issue. She made the call comfortable and I will be a returning customer because of this.

- Robert from Valhalla, NY

Carrie did a superb job. I work in call center myself and understand how hard the job can get, but Carrie was polite, informative, and helped solve all of my issues. She gets a 10 out of 10.

- Audrey from Bedford, MA

Just praise for the excellent service from Jan Mondrus, the sales rep at your S. Brunswick Square Mall store in New Jersey.

- Harold from Jackson Heights, NY

Just wanted to tell you how wonderful my first shopping experience with Bobs Furniture in Hyannis, MA. was. Great team you have there. Very patient and helpful. My living room looks great now. Thank you...I will be back when I need to purchase furniture again.

- Deborah from East Falmouth, MA

I want to nominate Tina for employee of the month. She provided the best customer service. 

- Om from Beverly, MA

I just wanted to take a moment and compliment the professionalism and efficiency of your delivery team. They came on time, set up the queen size bed in just minutes and even put the mattress, which I didn’t get from Bobs, on the bed without me asking. One gentleman was named Jose and I didn’t catch the name of the other. Hopefully you can look it up to be sure he gets recognition. Both men were very friendly and polite.

- Monica from Ashton, MD

I used to feel like just another number and Marci made me feel like I stood out from the crowd and had such an overall kind personality. I want to make sure that she's given recognition for the service she provided today.

- Patricia from Toms River, NJ

I can not say enough great things about Dori. She is excellent at what she does and I just love the service that I was provided. 

- Katie from Boston, MA

Just wanted to mention the professional services we received for Louis Barge JR, Sales Associate at store located 2500 Central Park Ave, Yonkers, NY 10710. He helped us make our selection in additional to walking us thought the finance process. We will continue to do business with BOB's, just because Louis treated us like family not just customers.

- Charmin from New York, NY

I just wanted to praise you for the team you have working for you. From salespeople, to delivery to Goof Proof techs, your employees are all courteous, friendly and professional. We have furnished our entire home from your store, and every person we have dealt with has been outstanding. I'm blind, and when delivery people or techs have come here they've been very kind and helpful. I've never experienced the kind of professional consistency you have with your team from any other company. Thank you very much.

- Lisa from Sturbridge, MA

I have nothing but amazing things to say about Misty. She listened to all the issues I've had and gave me many options for resolution and is the most kind Customer Care representative that I've ever spoken to. I want you all to know how personable she is!

- Shahzada from Tarrytown, NY

Laurie provided me with excellent customer service. I felt like I was going back and forth all day, but when I got Laurie she was phenomenal and did a great job taking care of my concerns.

- Michelle from Stony Point, NY

I am so happy with my new furniture and Bob's in general. The furniture is all lovely and it's so beautiful. I am extremely happy with your customer service and furniture. I am now going to buy more living room furniture and a dining room set.

- Nina from Jamaica, NY

I just made a purchase through Bob's and had some questions about your goof proof plan as well as your manufacturer’s warranty. Laurie was able to answer every question accurately and with ease. I wanted to make sure someone knew how friendly and informative of a representative you have.

- Scott from Manhattan, NY

I called into Customer Care quite upset about my overall customer experience at Bob's, but Siobhan treated my issue with the utmost respect and care, and was really able to turn around an unpleasant situation.  

- Collie from Middletown, CT

When I called in to Customer Care, I felt like someone was actually speaking to me heart to heart and as an individual instead of just another account.  It was personal and meaningful. Carrie was hands down the best customer service agent I have ever spoken with and she should help train new agents on their verbiage when hired!

- Joe from Middle Island, NY

Dear Bob's Corporate office:

There are so many of you to thank, so pardon the distribution list but I didn't want to forget anyone.  Sean Murphy was the one who called me too a few times but I'm not sure I have his correct email address; if not, would you please pass on to him, too?
I was so delighted at the level of customer service you all provided to me when I sent my desperate email last month.  I was so impressed with how quickly you not only got back to me, but via both email and phone and from several of you!  I was blown away!  Really, I can't tell you how many people I've told about you all.
Dealing with the worsening couch we had, I was just feeling that pit in my stomach as I felt I exhausted all efforts to get help and we would likely just be out a couch or painfully live with such a large purchase for us.  As I mentioned, my husband is a pastor on a very modest salary for the Boston area.  (picture of us from wedding he just did at our church, Highrock in Arlington; 
The second pictures is of our NEW COUCH thanks to you all!!  We went shopping on MA tax-free weekend and rec'd part of our purchase (above the $1000 credit you issued) even tax-free!  We were so happy to get a little bit of an upgrade from our other couch too--the picture I sent of the dark brown sectional with 2 auto reclining chairs--we LOVE it!  And because we may move closer to our church in the near future, this couch gives us much more flexibility for whatever shaped living room we end up with.
It's not the most becoming picture of my husband, one of my daughters and our dog on the new couch :) but it's very realistic--relaxing at night.  The living room is such a central place to gather to watch a show as a family, have friends over, just sit and relax, etc that I just can't tell you how much we appreciate your quick and really terrific customer-focused solution. 
Anyway--I just wanted to be sure to tell you all thank you.  You have significantly exceeded this customer's expectations and have re-established my love for your store (and company) :)
Enjoy the rest of your summer. And feel free to post my comment anywhere--I'm one of your lifer fans!

- Aimee

Claritza was very helpful and so nice to work with. I appreciate all of her help and I'm so happy she was able to go above and beyond to help me.

- Magdelena from Bronx, NY

I wanted to go out of my way to say that Maria's customer service was absolutely phenomenal. Being in customer service myself, I understand how tough it can be and Maria was professional all the way!

- Chris from Boston, MA

While today's delivery was not the smoothest one, at one point I considered returning the merchandise, but after talking with Carrie I was convinced that Bob's was the right choice for me. Carrie went out of her way to explain company procedures and was the sweetest customer service agent i have ever spoken to. 

- Daniel from Hyde Park, MA

I just had to speak to Denise's supervisor to let you know what an amazing job she has done.  I had issues in the past but Denise was able to overcome past issues, find a resolution that will resolve my issue and provide great customer service.

- Sunar from Lake Ridge, VA

I had the best experience with Carrie. I had an alarming call regarding my delivery time frame and Carrie was able to swiftly calm me down while being pleasant and providing fantastic customer service.

- Angela from Bowie, MI

I have had difficult issues with customer service representatives in the past, but Courtney was able to take the time to go over all options with me.  To me, this is outstanding service. Courtney alone restored my faith in Bob's.

- Melissa from Staten Island, NY

I am very happy with the service I got from Katie.  My experience started badly however Katie turned it completely around for me. I am very happy and wanted to let everyone know what a great job Katie did!

- Mrs. Miles from LaPlata, MD

Just want to tell you that the young men who delivered our bed 8/13 did a great job-so polite and so careful. Thank you!

- Timothy from Mills, MA

I had my furniture delivered today, and wanted to let you know what an excellent job your delivery personnel did. They were on-time, friendly and very professional. I was also very happy with our sales agent, Steve, in your Rockville store. We had a great experience with Bob’s and will gladly recommend you to family and friends. Thank you.

- Angela from Laytonsville, MD

Thanks for taking good care of my 90 year old mother this morning and my disabled brother. Your delivery men were great and they delivered and set up my brother's new mattress at 740am this morning. Thanks for the great service from all your people involved. 

- Peter Facebook Message

Just want to give a 5 star rating to Marjorie, from Bob`s Bellingham, MA, store! She was awesome! Very helpful, friendly and did not push us to buy anything! We ended up coming back to the store on the next day to actually buy more stuff! Thank you, Marjorie!!!  

- Camilo from Boston, MA • 8/12/13

I wanted to let you know how wonderful Sean was tonight. He was very helpful and friendly. He really took the time to go over things with me, and you are lucky to have such a great customer service agent.  

- Mrs. Katz from Bayside, NY

When I called in about the damage to my sofa, I didn't know what to expect. Siobhan was extremely helpful, considerate and informative. I really feel like you care about my concerns and took care of me. I cannot say enough how helpful Siobhan was and that this experience is leading me to purchase more furniture from Bob's.

- Ann from Harrison, NY

Just wanted you to know what I shared on Google+. I had the most amazing experience at Bob’s Furniture in Farmingdale. My wife and I needed a new couch for our living room so we shopped around all the furniture stores on Rte 110 in Farmingdale and a few others on Long Island. Everywhere we were met with pushy sales people and high prices. When we went to Bob’s, we were met by Dennis Einstein who was very cordial and asked what it was we were looking for. We immediately fell in love with a sectional that fit our needs perfectly. We couldn’t believe the price with no haggling! Dennis even said to go shop around and was sure we would be back. He was absolutely right. Not only was it affordable, but I found it to be of the best quality overall. We bought it the very next day with absolutely no pressure from Dennis. I wholeheartedly recommend Bob’s and a great furniture consultant named Dennis Einstein.

- Steven from Farmingdale, NY

I just wanted to say thank you to all the Bobs Associates who helped me from Customer Care in home service and the Totowa, NJ store from the Store Manager to his staff who helped. As a disabled person who lives in her lift chair, I am touched by everyone’s kindness and professionalism. God Bless you all for being better than any other company I have ever dealt with. You have me, my family and friends as a customer for life!

- Marianne from Hamburg, NJ

I just wanted to say that I recently experienced a customer service inquiry with Kaitlin H and she did everything in her power to make sure all my issues were addressed. I am a proud customer and this serves a testament to the outstanding service that Bob’s provides. Kaitlin H is an awesome employee and works hard to make sure she addresses all of her customer’s needs. She did a fantastic job and I am proud to address this to management- you have a super star! Thanks again for the outstanding service and I hope you have a wonderful day.

- Tony from West Roxbury, MA

I just wanted to thank you for an exceptional shopping experience. Yesterday, my husband, my two 4 year old children, and myself went couch shopping. Ugh! What a tough time. Then we found your store (Stoughton) and we knew we were in the right place! Your employees were great! In other stores we went to we were not even asked if we needed help! In your store they were willing to help employees everywhere! The selection of sofas at a great price was unbelievable. I had a hard time choosing because I wanted so many and knew they were at a great price! Lastly, the free candy and snacks is the best idea a store could have! It gave us time to sit, have the children relax (have you ever shopped with 2, 4 year olds?!), and discuss what we were doing. I am so excited for my new sofa and loveseat; I cannot wait! Thank you. We will only shop at your store from this point forward. Great experience.

- Jen from Wareham, MA

Just wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the way in which you handled our recent purchase. Upon discovery of a tear in one of the couches we purchased you sent a respectful gentleman out to our home to inspect the piece, you promptly arranged a replacement and a special shout out to Brian Howe from your Manchester store. He was very reassuring regarding the integrity with which you stand behind your products. We would encourage others to purchase their furniture from you with complete confidence. Thanks for acting with integrity.

- Brian from Londonderry, NH

I want to give you some positive feedback about my experience at your Newington, CT store today, Aug 2, 2013. I was helped by Josh Fruhwald, who was professional and highly personable. He knew exactly what I needed and had knowledge of the merchandise and store policies. I complimented him on his customer service and he just said that he treated everyone as he would like to be treated. I am moving and there are many stresses. I am grateful for employees of the caliber of Josh who helped make this a successful transaction. I would definitely use him again for future purchases. He gives Bob’s a great impression.

- Nina from Newington, CT

I just had delivery to my house, and I just wanted to say that those delivery guys were wonderful! I even whipped out my check box to give them a tip... very personable and quick. Thank you!

- Tiffany from Medway, MA

Just wanted to say delivery drivers Benedict and Johanny (truck #44) did an excellent job with the delivery.

- Ryan from East Brunswick, NJ

We had a wonderful sales experience with Hank (Howard) at the Hope Street Location in Stamford, CT. My daughter was purchasing some furniture for her apt in NYC for the first time and he was so helpful. Hats off to Hank!

- Cathy from Darien, CT

This is not a question but a commendation. My husband and I bought a room full of furniture at the Bob’s in Brookfield, CT and CarolAnn was the Associate who worked with us. She made the process enjoyable because she is knowledgeable, personable and a pleasure to be business with. She should be given a bonus!

- Johanna from Carmel, NY

Joanna was able to calm me down and figure out a resolution that I was satisfied with.  She was patient and kind and understanding. 

- Regina from Bronx, NY

I am super impressed with your service policy. I had a very old sofa and your technician performed a best effort service beyond my expectations. Your customer service representatives blew me away. You have a customer for life.   

- Dave from Manchester, NH

Denise did such a great job.  All Customer Care agents should strive to be like her. I could not have been happier.

- Peter from Kenilworth, NJ

I am very happy with the service Eddy provided. I was very unhappy before I spoke with him and I wasn't nice to him at all. But he kept calm and helped me do what needed to be done and now I am extremely happy.

- Danielle from Attleboro, MA

I just wanted to let you know how professional and wonderful Lisa was. Lisa was patient and answered all my questions very thoroughly. I wanted to thank Lisa for her amazing service.

- Sandra from Jamaica, NY

I want to let you know how nice, polite and friendly your employee Keisha Cruz is. My daughter and I went to the store at Lincoln Street in Worcester on July 22, 2013. We were shopping for a new sofa. Then my daughter wanted to go to the café. Keisha was working at the customer service desk but was happy to help us and other customers that were at the café. She gladly got cookies from the back and offered everybody an ice cream. She had a smile on her face and treated everybody with respect. Congratulations!

Maria from Worcester, MA

I received my delivery today. All the pieces were there. I watched the men carefully remove the boxed furniture and bring into my house with care. The men were on Truck #ETZ. John and Manvel. Even though it turned out that 2 pieces in my order were damaged, I do not feel it was due to these gentlemen who were very respectful and careful with my home and my new furniture. I’ve had furniture delivered from another furniture store in the past where the men left me with a couch that was damaged (by them coming through my door) I am thus far very happy with Bob’s and the delivery service. Also, they called Bob’s from my home and we were able to set up a new delivery date with a very nice customer service representative.

Donna from Little Egg Harbor, NJ

I want to compliment you on the great Mattress we bought 10 years ago. Bobs first memory foam mattress before it was called Bob-O-Pedic. It is still just as good as new after nearly 10 years of use. Never got soft or mushy - It’s still perfect nearly 10 years later. A great quality product and a great value. I found out about Bob’s after I had bought a Tempurpedic mattress and was extremely unhappy with the strong plastic smell of the I want to compliment you on the great Mattress we bought 10 years ago. Bobs first memory foam mattress before it was called Bob-O-Pedic. It is still just as good as new after nearly 10 years of use. Never got soft or mushy - It’s still perfect nearly 10 years later. A great quality product and a great value. I found out about Bob’s after I had bought a Tempurpedic mattress and was extremely unhappy with the strong plastic smell of the Tempurpedic and that there customer service told me that I should unzip and remove the mattress cover to let it off-gas for a few days to get rid of the smell then zip it back up to use. Imagine wrestling queen size foam and its cover? For the $2000+ price? I told them they should do the off-gassing at the factory, they said no, I returned it and looked online for memory foam mattress and discovered Bob’s even though it’s a long way from my home. Saved 55% and got a much better product. 

Andrew from Cortlandt Manor, NY

One cannot go anywhere anymore without being treated badly by businesses and salespeople. Except Bob’s! The saleswoman who helped me purchase furniture was more than helpful. That you provide coffee and snacks for your customers is a service beyond exemplary. Even your delivery people were outstanding. Bob, you’re a genius. I’m serious! I wish you ongoing good luck in your endeavors. Thanks for your courtesy to me as a customer.


Myrna from Brooklyn, NY

I’m not the type to hop online and complain or rave when I have a problem or experience worth noting but Bob’s has made me change my ways! I was one of those I’m just looking customers the other day and was relieved to see that your sales rep who immediately introduced himself when I walked in pointed me in the right direction and left me alone. When I found what I was looking for, he was close enough that I was able to engage into a conversation about the product, the charges associated with delivery, and the qualities of the fabric, size, etc. Not only was Christian helpful, he was kind and made me feel like it was a casual conversation, not a sales pitch. I plan to buy that couch soon, just working on compiling some funds, but I had to give credit when credit is due. It was just a few minutes of his day, but he made a difference in mine. If all your sales staff is like him, I’m not surprised you’ve been in business as long as you have.

- Erika from Warwick, RI

I had a wonderful service from service tech, Albert, and am very pleased with the customer service from Victoria. She got things done in a timely manner.  I'm very pleased with Bob's.

- Maureen from South Windsor, CT

I was very happy with Dylon's service today.  He offered every solution that he could and made me feel valued.

- Eric from Suffield, CT

Customer service is a hard job, but Chris was able to understand my issues, take time to explain how to fix them, and gave me a pleasant resolution. 

- Laurie

I had a great experience with Sarah; really going above and beyond to make sure my problem was solved.

- Lekisha

I was extremely pleased with the service that Marci provided me today. Don't tell people what you can't do; tell them what you can do! Marci did just that. She was upbeat, professional, welcoming and TERRIFIC!

- Linda from South Hadley, MA

I spoke with Eddy who was helpful, pleasant and went the extra mile. Eddy is an asset to your company and you should be happy to have him.

- Jody from Thiells, NY

Debbie's customer service was out of this world. I had a difficult experience with my tech appointment first thing this morning, I was certain it would ruin my day, but when I got Debbie on the line she turned it all around for me.

- Stella from Bayonne, NJ

I do not have a question but my note is to praise you for the excellent service I received with the customer service associate, and the repair technician Kernel who came to my house today to repair my two chairs. He was very pleasant, responded to my inquiries and called the store to ensure he had placed the legs correctly on the chairs. He was quick and efficient on the repairs. Well done and thank you.

- Christine from Englishtown, NY

Ivy is an amazing and excellent customer service rep who was able to get the issues I was having with the store resolved. She really turned my day around.

- Johanne from Roslindale, MA

I'd like to thank Leana for her assistance with my recliner. She provided fantastic customer service and I want to thank her for everything she helped me with. Because of this, I will continue to shop at Bob's and recommend you to my family and friends.

- Sharon from Farmingdale, NY

Jose and Ricardo were so kind to me and did the best they could to resolve the issues I had. They were amazing and every delivery company should have teams like them! 

Carolanne from Val Halla, NY

This is not a question but a thank you to your Melville, NY store. My father had open heart surgery last week and we needed a recliner for him at home. The sales team was knowledgeable and willing but most of all, your manager really made it possible for us to continue to make your store our number one furniture store choice. We thank you so much for your support and want to specifically thank the Melville store for a job well done. May God continue to bless you all.

- Monique

Customer Care Agent, Robin, went above and beyond to ensure that all my needs were met.  She provided phenomenal customer service and she is very personable, patient, and just amazing.

- Sue

I just wanted to say thank you to Manuel and John on Truck #E76 for their good work. They were very professional, great guys. They were on time and knew what they are doing. Thank you again Bob’s for your service.

- Mona

Just want to say THANK YOU! for your wonderful delivery service! I love my new couch, and the delivery men were so nice! They were right on time and took care of my delivery very quickly! Thanks again, Bob’s Furniture! You are the BEST!

- Amy

Chelsea was able to take time and make sure that all of my issues were addressed and was willing to help I will remain a Bob’s customer for life! Make sure her supervisors know that she deserves 2 weeks paid vacation AND a raise!

- Toni

I had the misfortune of losing my left leg on 1-1-12.I Was finally able to move to disabled housing and my case worker gave me a gift certificate and bed both from Bobs. Thank you for your kindness and generosity.

- Lawrence

We bought a room of furniture and the experience was a pleasure thanks to Carol Ann Sales Associate in your Brookfield store. She is knowledgeable, personable and an asset to your organization.

- James & Johanna

Maria provided great customer service today.  I work in customer service myself and Maria was a pleasure to speak with!

- Maryellen

Hello, I am writing to describe my experience at your Monmouth junction store on Route 1 in NJ.  I met J. Raj there and he was a pleasure to deal with. We just left the store and are so satisfied that I felt compelled to write you this email. My wife and I aren’t the easiest customers to deal with and J was great. He was extremely helpful and professional. He helped us with financing, warranty, and item selections. I would recommend him and the store to anyone in need of furniture and a knowledge able rep. He is an asset and you should reward him accordingly. Thanks to him and your store for all your help.

- Sibi M. Joseph and Swati

Hi Bob, I wanted to give some friendly feedback about my shopping experience in your store the other day. It was pretty packed and you had a lot of customers that day. I was there with two friends shopping and looking at your furniture. I noticed spilled coffee on a really beautiful wooden table and it appeared that it had been sitting on the wooden table for a while. I was concerned that the wooden table might get ruined. I saw one of your Sales Associate, Charles Edward Laster walk towards me and my two friends, so I expressed my concerns to him. Well, Charles responded with a heartfelt smile, a genuine concern for my concern, he cleaned the table right away. With a wonderful since of humor, Charles educated me and my two friends on the uniqueness of the wooden table. He talked about how the table would be protected in this type of situation; he also gave us other furniture tips and sold my friend a nice furniture accessory. Charles just presented us with classy salesmanship. I just wanted to bring Charles to your attention because he was a true gentleman, an extraordinary salesman, and I believe a 5 Star employee. Thanks Charles for a great shopping experience.

- Zakkkiyya

I recently purchased a living room set from your Yonkers, NY location and would like to praise your salesman Mario Cacise! It was one of the hottest days of the year thus far and the AC in your store was not working and the temperature in the store was absolutely brutal. He went above and beyond to help me and my family find a set we liked, he was wearing a suit and moving a recliner around from set to set so that we could get the complete visual of what they would look like together all the while maintaining his professionalism. We kept telling him to remove his suit jacket it was too hot and he would not. Thanks to him we had a very pleasant shopping experience. I think Bob’s should make it a standard to have their entire employee’s as knowledgeable, friendly, helpful and professional as Mario. I have shopped at Bob’s in the past and have not had such a pleasant experience but because of Mario I will continue to shop at Bob’s in the future. I think he should be rewarded and commended for his excellent customer service!

- Maureen

Maria provided great customer service today.  I work in customer service myself and Maria was a pleasure to speak with!

- Maryellen

A Big kudos to Bob’s.  I am very impressed with your automated call system and how professional everyone is.

- Jean

I want to recognize Julio Lopez in your Secaucus NJ branch for his great customer service.  We went into the store in Dec 2012 and my daughter’s father purchased her a bedroom set but we did not know when we would be moving. And when we found out that the set we ordered was too big Julio changed our order 2 times.  Not only that he remembered us and our situation and he was great about it.  We finally moved six months later and the set was delivered this Saturday.  We are so happy with everything.  It fit in her room perfectly. Thanks Julio for making a stressful period a little more bearable!

- Brenda