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 Bob’s Discount Furniture Co-Founders Bob Kaufman and Gene Rosenberg officially opened the new headquarters and corporate campus in Manchester, Connecticut during a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Monday, October 23.

The opening of our new corporate campus marks an exciting time for Bob’s and is a big step as we continue to expand across the country,” said Bob Kaufman, co-founder and president emeritus of Bob’s Discount Furniture. “We are thrilled to have been able to keep our current headquarters in a town that has been very supportive to us over the years and to have worked with many local companies to see our vision come to life.”

During the ceremony, the Bob’s Outreach team presented executives of Save the Children with a donation of $65,000 as part of their ongoing charitable initiatives. The $65,000 check is a combination of all of YOUR donations collected in every Bob’s Café chain wide during the third quarter of 2017 and our 100% match.