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Furniture made from natural products have unique characteristics that enhance their beauty. Discover my selection of natural products.








Natural products are uniquely beautiful, handcrafted and artfully distressed to add character and a vintage look.
Nature is not perfect. Distress marks are a value added design to feature. Each piece is one of a kind! Look for these symbols throughout my site!

Natural Leather Furniture
What is Top Grain Leather?

• The ultimate in luxury
• Refers to the uppermost section of the hide which is the softest, most supple part
• Evidence of its individuality includes wrinkles, veining and variations in grain and color
• Doesn't get cold & moist in winter or hot & sticky in the summer
• Strong yet soft, kid friendly, durable and doesn't tear or puncture easily

Natural Stone Furniture
Stone is a natural product which means different sections within the same piece and coordinating pieces could show the following characteristics:

• Slight to Well Pronounced variations in Natural Patterns
• Small fissures - it's not a crack! It is a vein that carried minerals which was formed in the stone millions of years ago
• Lighter and Darker Tones
• Shade/Color Variances
• If it's Cold it's Real Stone. If it's Room Temperature it's Synthetic!

Natural Wood Furniture
Furniture made from natural wood displays individual features and like people, every tree is unique! Different pieces from the same group could show the following characteristics:

• File Marks
• Chisel Scrapes
• Worn Corners
• Burnished Edges
• Indentations
• Paint or Stain Splatters
• Saw Grooves
• Worm Holes (Simulated, of course)