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Moving Tips for City Dwellers

Living in the city gives you convenient access to cultural events, museums, sporting events and nightlife unlike anything you can find in the suburbs. Ironically, the very things that make city life so rich and exciting, can make your city move a bit more challenging. To get you – and your furniture - into your new home without incident, my Bob's team has put together a few tips.

Downsize. City moves often involve lots of stairs and urban spaces are typically smaller in size. There’s no point in paying someone to move things that you don’t really need or care about up eight flights of stairs, so this is a great time to discard items and simplify.

Give some thought to your moving date. As you consider a date for your move, you’ll want to make sure there are no major city events (playoff games, parades, etc.) that will cause traffic and parking issues in the general area of your move.

Get a permit. Many cities require a “Street Occupancy Permit” that will authorize you, for a specific period of time, to park a moving vehicle on the street. Check into what’s required in advance. Some cities require you to apply for the permit in person, there may be a fee involved, and there is often a lead-time of a few business days before it will be issued.

Measure, measure, measure. Narrow staircases, hallways and doorways are common in older buildings. On every day except moving day, they may be charming. On moving day, they are the enemy! Planning and measuring gives you some time to problem solve and troubleshoot – or to sell too-large items on eBay or Craigslist. My “Will It Fit?” Checklist provides some great tips for measuring furniture and your destination, including doorways, hallways, stairs and any elevators.

Get creative. Taking doors off their hinges or unscrewing the banister may be easy fixes. If those steps don’t work though, there are still a few options left to get oversized items inside. Depending on how much you love your couch and armoire, you may be able to hire a moving company to bring a crane and have your items hoisted up and moved in through a window. There are also some companies out there that will take apart a couch, move it in, and then reassemble it inside your apartment or condo.

With a little planning, you can make your first city move like a pro. Your friends at Bob’s wish you all the best in your new home!