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Hello, LA.
It’s me, Bob.

I want you to know something.

I consider myself the luckiest spokes-puppet of all time.

That’s because I get to travel the world looking for great looking, high-quality furniture and sell it for absolutely unbeatable prices.

And I've been fortunate enough to be doing what I love for 26 years - and through 89 stores in 15 states!

One of the fastest growing furniture stores is coming to LA on Feb 15, 2018!

I get these two questions a lot. The first question is: "Hey, Bob, why do you do it?  With your rugged good looks you could easily be a movie star or something." Well, first off I’m really into furniture. I think about it ALL THE TIME. 

Like right now, even as I type these words, I’m thinking about the difference between a track arm and a roll arm.  

Wait…now I’m thinking about the difference between a sofa and couch. I can’t help myself. I don’t want to help myself!

Shopping for discount furniture shouldn't be like shopping for discount furniture.

The second question I get is: "How are you able to offer such incredible values - without sales?"

Well, I buy a lot of furniture from the manufacturers.  That gives me a ton of purchasing power. I don't pay a lot so you don't pay a lot. Plus, great looking furniture should be affordable to all - it's the RIGHT THING TO DO!

Whether you like to shop online or in-store, at my Bob’s you will never have to haggle…you will never feel cheated…because we have zero phony sales and zero gimmicks!  

Just everyday low prices, everyday. 

At Bob’s, the best day to shop is every day!

And once you shop around and compare our values, I think you’ll quickly realize you won't need a sale at Bob's to want to shop us. Our values are untouchable!

I believe furniture is awesome - so furniture shopping should be awesome, too.  And that might be the biggest difference between us and the other guys.  We put the fun in furniture. (would that make it funiture?)


We put the fun in furniture shopping.

Mowing the lawn. Doing the dishes. Walking the dog. I have enough chores in my life.

Furniture shopping shouldn't be another one so that's why all of my stores have a café in them, stocked with free gourmet coffee, ice cream, cookies and candy. Hey, I have a bit of a sweet tooth too, just like everyone else!

See for yourself how I've made shopping for discount furniture unlike shopping for discount furniture. Take the virtual tour above!

When I’m not thinking about furniture, I’m thinking about community.

I may only be two feet tall, but I have a BIG heart.

Lending a helping hand to organizations that make our communities stronger just fills my little body with joy.

Each quarter I match 100% of all money collected in our cafés and donate the funds to a non-profit organization that I personally select including Special Olympics, Autism Speaks and Save the Children. 

Find us online or in these neighborhoods.

Come check out our six new, state of the art stores with more coming your way soon!

Our friendly sales associates will guide you through a haggle-free shopping experience. And when you're all done, stop by my café for a few sweet treats!  

Join the Bob’s Team.

At Bob’s Discount Furniture, we have fun, we love what we do and it shows in our expansive growth!

Bob's truly values the contributions of every associate and offers great opportunities for career growth and training as well as competitive compensation. Bob's also offers outstanding benefits in a professional, fun and fast-paced work environment.  


or use the interactive map below to search jobs by location.

Can’t wait to meet you.

Anyhoo - I am so happy to be in LA.  I’m originally from New England and let me tell you - those winters can be brutal. I’m really looking forward to meeting you - in-store or online.  

P.S. Stay informed.

Can’t wait to experience the “Bob’s Way”? I don’t blame you! 

The good news is, you don’t have to. I just started taking online orders so you can begin enjoying my everyday low prices!