Hello, LA.

It’s me, Bob. I want you to know something. I consider myself the luckiest spokes-puppet of all time.

That’s because I get to travel the world looking for great looking, high-quality furniture and sell it for absolutely unbeatable prices. And I've been fortunate enough to be doing what I love for 26 years - and through 89 stores in 15 states!


One of the fastest growing furniture stores is coming to LA on Feb 15, 2018!

I get these two questions a lot. The first question is: "Hey, Bob, why do you do it?  With your rugged good looks you could easily be a movie star or something." Well, first off I’m really into furniture. I think about it ALL THE TIME. 
Like right now, even as I type these words, I’m thinking about the difference between a track arm and a roll arm.  
Wait… now I’m thinking about the difference between a sofa and couch. I can’t help myself. I don’t want to help myself!

Shopping for discount furniture shouldn't be like shopping for discount furniture.

The second question I get is: "How are you able to offer such incredible values - without sales?"

Well, I buy a lot of furniture from the manufacturers.  That gives me a ton of purchasing power. I don't pay a lot so you don't pay a lot. Plus, great looking furniture should be affordable to all - it's the RIGHT THING TO DO!

Whether you like to shop online or in-store, at my Bob’s you will never have to haggle…you will never feel cheated…because we have zero phony sales and zero gimmicks!  

Just everyday low prices, everyday.