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Heart of Bob's 2019 Q1
Heart of Bob's

Heart of Bob’s Mission Statement

To recognize and share the human stories of unselfish acts which exemplify The Bob’s Way and stand as a model of behavior to be admired and appreciated.

Amy Franz

Jim Kiernan

Jim Kiernan our Yonkers store manager, while he wouldn’t want the attention or title, many are calling him hero. When a serious car accident happened outside the store and with the smell of gasoline in the air Jim did not hesitate to pull a trapped passenger from the vehicle. Suffering minor injuries from broken glass Jim searched the car through the back windshield to ensure all were safe. For his selfless act of kindness and bravery Jim is awarded this Heart of Bob’s.

Jeff Popovich

Josh Jones

On a busy Saturday our Whitehall store manager Josh Jones was made aware of a teenage boy choking in the showroom. After calling 911 Josh performed the Heimlich maneuver and successfully cleared the boy’s airway. When EMT’s arrived they determined he was fine and needed no further treatment. For his quick response and ability to perform a life-saving task Josh is awarded this Heart of Bob’s.

Osvaldo Ruiz

Brian Reeg

Brian Reeg is our Store Manager in Deptford NJ. As a showroom manager in Woodbridge Brian made a significant contribution for the safety of Bob’s office team and customers. As our stores reopened earlier this year the need for protective sneeze guards were required. Brian stepped in with his carpentry skills to solve the problem and saved Bob’s a great expense. For offering his skills and creating a safe environment for our associates and customers Brian is awarded this Heart of Bob’s.

Melissa Ortins

Dottie Stropparo

Dottie Stropparo is a Human Resources Director in our Taftville Ct Distribution Center. Realizing that during this past year many DC associates, due to cut back of hours, might struggle with life’s basic necessities. Dottie created a free pantry. Stocked with canned goods, fruits and vegetables and a fridge stocked with eggs, milk and butter and were available for all DC1 associates. For over 23 years Dottie has demonstrated what it means to have a Heart of Bob’s.

Marianne Parker Brown

Jason Nunez

Jason Nunez is a Sales Associate in our Brea CA Location. When a customer had an epileptic seizure earlier in the year Jason reacted immediately rushing to the customer’s aid. He comforted the man and started CPR procedures for epilepsy until medical personal arrived. Fellow associates Ryan & Ricky aided in this stressful moment. For his responsiveness and ability to perform a heroic duty Jason is awarded this Heart of Bob’s.

Marianne Parker Brown

Stoughton Store Team

When our Stoughton store team heard that a homeless shelter for single mothers and children was located near the store they decide to share their holiday spirit. The entire store contributed to make their holiday a little more special. Every child received a toy, sweater and special outfit to celebrate the holidays. Special shout out to Kim Derome who shopped for 27 children ranging from 7 months to 16 years. This Heart of Bob’s goes to Team Stoughton for their outpouring of community spirit and family giving.

Bob’s Core Values

Honesty • Integrity • Transparency • Community • Safety • Diversity • Accountability • Fun

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