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Tips for Furnishing a Small Space

Even if you don’t own the place where you live, you can still make it a sanctuary and a unique reflection of you.

Here are just a few ways to personalize - and maximize - your dorm room or apartment space:

Paint your walls a light color. Deep hues tend to make an enclosed space look and feel smaller. We recommend going with lighter shades of your favorite colors, and finding some accent pieces or throw pillows to match the lighter paint. Picking out paint can be tricky though; oftentimes colors you think will be light enough tend to look darker depending on the light in the room and the size. We recommend buying a trial-sized or other small container of paint to test on your walls before committing to a color.

Don’t forget – if you’re painting over a darker color, you may need a coat or two of primer so the dark color won’t show through.

Leave your windows undressed. Curtains can close in smaller areas by blocking light. Leave your windows open to get as much natural light as possible; not only will this help brighten your space, it may also help to improve your mood!

Embrace your storage. Incorporate storage into your décor by using wire storage, decorative canisters, different sized baskets, book shelves and floating shelves.

Use mirrors. It’s easy to find mirrors that will match your décor, and as an added bonus, reflecting your space will make it look far bigger than it really is. Also consider using a piece or two of mirrored furniture throughout your apartment to make your space look even bigger.

Work with the colors you have. If your landlord isn’t open to you modifying your apartment, work with what’s there. Get towels and dishware that match your kitchen and use smaller, accent rugs on top of wall-to-wall carpeting to break up the space. Doing this will not only add a personal touch, it will help to make the room seem bigger.

Get multipurpose furniture. Daybeds and futons can do double duty as seating and bedding. Get some decorative throw pillows or a nice blanket to dress up your futon or daybed. Ottomans are great multipurpose pieces too; many can double as a seat and a storage unit or be used as a side table or coffee table.

Bob's has lots of furniture options that work great in tight spaces. Shop around and see them all for yourself today!