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Full Mattresses

 My Bob's has a wide variety of quality full size mattresses that offer the best comfort at unbeatable low prices! My best selling Bob-O-Pedic mattresses feature state-of-the-art temperature sensitive memory foam so you can have lasting comfort and gentle support where it matters most!

My innerspring full mattresses have high end features for a fraction of the price of my competitors, including individually encased coil systems and comfortable circular knit upholstery fabrics. Whether you prefer innerspring, Bob-O-Pedic, Bob-O-Pedic Gel or Hybrid, you're sure to find the perfect mattress to fit your needs!

Bob’s Value Express

Bob's Value Express is the fastest, and simplest way to take delivery from Mattresses along with other items ship via FedEx, typically within 2-3 business days, when purchased alone or in combination with each other. Just look for this logo  on items that qualify for FedEx delivery!

Bob-O-Pedic Full Mattresses shipped via Bob's Value Express feature state-of-the-art packaging and require special set up that's super easy and fun! Learn more about mattress set up HERE!

Don't stop here; shop my mattress sets, foundations and adjustable beds!

My heavy duty full size foundations are constructed from durable wood, and include vertical handles for easy positioning.

My adjustable beds offer all the luxury features you want, at an untouchable price! With the touch of a button, my Power Bob and Power Bob Plus beds raise your arms and legs to provide the support you need.

Full Mattress Dimensions

My Bob’s full size mattresses are 53"W x 74"L.

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