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Compare Bedroom Sets

What good is a comfortable bed if you don’t have a stunning bedroom set to go with it? Set the scene for a relaxing getaway in the comfort of your own home with the Bob’s Euro Cottage Bedroom. Scary to think you could have overspent on the competitor’s version.


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Forget dreaming about a trip overseas, at less than half the cost of the competition, you’ll have enough money to take a trip to Europe. Or you could stash the extra cash in the two storage drawers in the footboard.

Compare Dining Room Sets

Trying to decide what to do with all the money you’re about to save? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few suggestions on how you can splurge with your newly discovered savings:

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Did we mention the versatility of the Summit Dining Set? You can choose from 4 chairs and a bench with storage or 6 chairs. Have unexpected dinner guests show up, no problem. The 18” removable table leaf expands the dining area from 60” to 78”.  Extra food not included!

Compare Mattresses

The average person will sleep about 200,000 hours in their lifetime, so it’s important to select a mattress that is comfortable without breaking the bank. The Bob’s Black Label Gel Mattress Set satisfies those needs and more for almost $2,000 less than the competition.


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Both the Bob’s Black Label Gel Mattress and the competitor’s version have supportive latex foam, gel-infused memory foam and individually wrapped innerspring coils, but that’s where the similarities stop.


Compare Living Room Sets

WARNING: You will be using math to compare the Colby Sofa & Loveseat to the competition, but don’t worry, this is elementary math and there isn’t a test after. Now that we got that disclaimer out of the way, let’s talk about the concept of two for one.

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Complete with Bob-O-Pedic memory foam cushions and coordinating toss pillows, the Colby Sofa & Loveseat will give your living room a fresh look. Want to add a little more pop to the set? Special order colors are available in store only.