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Serve up a heaping portion of industrial style with my Lennox collection! Featuring a medium oak finish and neutral colored chair upholstery, these dining pieces are trendy but timeless.

My Bob's Goof Proof Furniture Protection Plan

This is a plan summary. Click on the link below for the complete terms and conditions.

Bob’s Discount Furniture and Guardian Protection Products provide an unbeatable protection plan. My Goof Proof Protection Plan covers most accidental stains and many accidental damages to your furniture for five full years. Additionally, you will receive a Bob’s Furniture Care Kit as part of the deal. The kit includes two 8oz bottles of furniture care products for those “life happens” moments.

Covered accidental stains and damages:

Goof Proof non-mattress promo

Covered accidental stains and damages:

Fabric, Leather and Vinyl

  • All accidental stains (except caustic and corrosive materials):
  • Food & beverage stains (such as wine, juice, baby formula)
  • Cosmetics stains (such as makeup, nail polish, nail polish remover, lipstick and body lotions)
  • Bodily fluids from humans and pets
  • Ink, marker, and crayon stains
  • Grease, shoe polish, and grass & gum stains
  • Accidental rips, cuts, & burns, and motor breakage:
  • Rips, cuts, and punctures (unintentional damages from items such as pens, scissors, and knives)
  • Burns (such as cigarette, e-cigarette and irons)
  • Breakage of frames, springs, sleeper, reclining, inclining, heating & vibrating mechanisms after the manufacturer warranty has expired**
  • Breakdown or breakage of motors for motorized recliners and reclining furniture after the manufacturer warranty has expired limited to a single incident**

Wood & Hard Surface Furniture

  • All accidental stains (except caustic and corrosive substances)
  • Gouge, heat mark or any liquid ring
  • Chip, scratch, or breakage of glass, mirror components and loss of silvering on mirrors
  • Breakage of wood or other hard surface


  • All accidental stains (except caustic and corrosive substances)
  • Tears to lamp shades
  • Breakage of lamp
  • Damage to switch or cord (USB port not included)

Area Rugs

  • Food & beverage stains
  • Cosmetic stains
  • Bodily fluids from humans and pets
  • Ink, marker, & crayon stains
  • Grease, shoe polish, grass, and gum stains

Covered accidental stains and damages:

Bob’s Goof Proof Pricing (amounts based on subtotal)

Order Subtotal Goof Proof Fee
Up to $299.99 $39.99
$300 - $399.99 $49.99
$400 - $599.99 $69.99
$600 - $999.99 $99.99
$1000 - $1299.99 $129.99
$1300 - $1499.99 $149.99
Order Subtotal Goof Proof Fee
$1500 - $1999.99 $199.99
$2000 - $2499.99 $249.99
$2500 - $2999.99 $299.99
$3000 - $4999.99 $349.99
$5000 - $20000 $399.99

Here are a few exceptions that are not covered*

Certain stains, odors, and general wear & tear:

  • Stains from corrosive materials that erode or strip the finish or color
  • Stains that build up over time (such as dirt or general soiling)
  • Fading or discoloration that happens over time (such as from hair products)
  • Odors resulting from stains
  • Multiple pet stains

Issues caused by misuse or the manufacturer:

  • Damage from misuse (such as jumping on furniture)
  • Defects not covered by Bob’s 1 Year Guarantee
  • Damage covered by homeowners or renters insurance or contractors working on your home
  • Scratches
  • Animal or pet damages (such as damage caused by beaks, claws, or jaws)
  • General dirt on rugs and burns on lamps

Accidental stains or damages?** Call Guardian Protection Products at 800-538-9500

Service requests must be reported within 30 days of accident. A specific cause of the accident must be reported.

You will recieve a copy of your protection plan documents via the email address that you provided to your purchase. You may also view your documents online by using and clicking on the ‘My Plan Documents’ button. Please review the terms and conditions of your plan. If you have any questions, contact Guardian Customer Service at (800) 538 - 9500.

*Covered after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired.

**Some exclusions apply. All coverages are for accidental occurences from a single incident, not an accumulation or buildup of stains and damages. See protection plan terms and conditions for details. A copy of the plan is available for review at your furniture retail location.

Protection plans provided by CNA Warranty Service, Inc. or one of its a liates and administered by Guardian Protection Products Inc.

Hickory, NC | | LC-GDBSTAINS 12/2017

Terms & Conditions

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