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Q: What is the Bob-O-Pedic ZZZOOM?

The Bob-O-Pedic ZZZOOM is a 10.5” thick, top-quality, mattress-in-a-box featuring latex and Bob-O-Pedic gel-infused memory foam. Comprised of 4 sleep inducing and supportive layers, this luxurious yet affordable mattress is delivered to your door in days! With compact, state-of-the-art, vacuum-sealed packaging, the DIY mattress setup is 3 ZZZ’s easy and fun! Sleep comes easy, with a Bob-O-Pedic ZZZOOM. See more here.

Q: How do I unbox and expand my Bob-O-Pedic ZZZOOM?

Mattress Setup is fun and 3 ZZZ’s easy! There are just a few simple steps to unbox, unfurl and expand your mattress. See mattress setup details  for easy to follow instructions.

Q: How long should it take for the Bob-O-Pedic ZZZOOM to fully expand? 

A:  In most cases your Bob-O-Pedic ZZZOOM will fully expand in about an hour.  It can take longer if the mattress is in a chilly space.

Q: Is the Bob-O-Pedic ZZZOOM environmentally friendly?

  All of Bob’s mattresses are CertiPUR-US® certified. Foam that feels good, that you can feel good about. See details.

Q: How does the Bob-O-Pedic ZZZOOM differ from the competition?

Dare to compare the Bob-O-Pedic ZZZOOM to the competition! It’s the clear winner. See how it stands up against the others.

Q: How should I expect the sleep surface to feel?

The Bob-O-Pedic ZZZOOM mattress has a medium firm, supportive feel. Not too firm, not too soft -just right. The top latex layer gives the Bob-O-Pedic ZZZOOM a more bouncy feel than what you might expect from a traditional memory foam mattress.

Q: Can I try the Bob-O-Pedic ZZZOOM in a store?

Yes. Fully expanded Bob-O-Pedic ZZZOOM mattresses are on every Bob‘s Discount Furniture showroom floor for a “test drive”! Find a location near you.

Q:  I hear that foam mattresses can make a person feel hot while sleeping? Is that true with the Bob-O-Pedic ZZZOOM?

The Bob-O-Pedic ZZZOOM mattress features combination of gel infused Bob-O-Pedic memory foam and latex to help regulate your body temperature, creating a more comfortable sleeping environment. 

Q: I’m allergic to latex. Can I sleep on the Bob-O-Pedic ZZZOOM?

Yes! Read this for details on how the Bob-O-Pedic ZZZOOM mattress is made to be safe for customers with a latex allergy.

Q: On what type of surface should the Bob-O-Pedic ZZZOOM rest?

The Bob-O-Pedic ZZZOOM mattress can be placed on any standard solid foundation, platform bed, slats or adjustable base.

Q: I want one. How do I get a Bob-O-Pedic ZZZOOM and how soon can I get it?

The Bob-O-Pedic ZZZOOM can be bought online at or in a Bob’s store. It will ship to you in just a matter of days, via FedEx or Bob’s Home Delivery. See shipping details.

Q: What if I need my old mattress removed?

If your Bob-O-Pedic ZZZOOM is delivered via Bob’s Home Delivery, the team will remove your old mattress and foundation provided it is in safe condition to load and be returned on the delivery truck. Mattresses that ship via FedEx do not qualify for removal of your old mattress.

If you purchase your mattress in store, you can choose to have it shipped via FedEx or Bob’s Home Delivery. If you purchase your mattress online, it will ship via FedEx if purchased alone or in combination with Bob’s Value Express items. If purchased online with other furniture, it will ship via Bob’s Home Delivery. See shipping details for more info.

Q: If my Bob-O-Pedic ZZZOOM is shipped via Bob’s Home Delivery, do I have to unbox and setup the mattress myself?

No. Bob’s Delivery team will unbox and setup your Bob-O-Pedic ZZZOOM mattress.

Q: Why does my new Bob-O-Pedic ZZZOOM have a “new car” smell?

It’s not unusual for a brand new compressed mattress that is expanding to have a “new car/new carpeting” smell. This will dissipate over time. The more opportunity the mattress has to be exposed to fresh air, the quicker the “new car/new carpeting” smell will fade. This smell is completely harmless.

Q: What if I’m not comfortable on my new Bob-O-Pedic ZZZOOM? Does it come with a guarantee?

Not to worry! The Bob-O-Pedic ZZZOOM features Bob’s Discount Furniture’s Comfort Assurance Policy and a 15-year non pro-rated guarantee against factory defects. Try it for 30 days. Return it within 90 days of delivery, hassle-free. See details.

Q: What is the ‘Mattress Recycling Fee?

Some states require that we collect a mattress-recycling fee with every mattress purchased. Click here to learn more about this fee, and the states within our operating footprint that require the fee.

Q: Can I put a mattress pad or protector on my Bob-O-Pedic ZZZOOM?

Absolutely! Bob’s Discount Furniture’s Goof Proof Bed Protectors give you peace of mind that your mattress is protected! See details.