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Beaver Dam Fire Chief Alan Mannel (left) presents Zachary Sletto (right) with a gift certificate from Bob’s Discount Furniture. Sletto’s apartment at 600 W. Third Street was destroyed by a fire on April 7. Photo courtesy of Beaver Dam Fire and Rescue Department.

The community of Beaver Dam, Wisconsin continues to rally together to support the families who lost their homes in two separate structure fires over the last two months.


The first incident occurred on March 5th at an apartment complex at 109 Knaup Drive. Lee Smith, Captain of the Beaver Dam Fire and Rescue Department, said an explosion in one of the apartments resulted in the 17 unit apartment complex building being destroyed. A total of 15 households were affected by this incident, including approximately 20 adults and seven children ranging in age from 11 months to 11 years old. 


Fire officials deemed the building a total loss and a controlled burn was executed on March 15 to destroy the remaining structure. 


The second fire occurred on April 7 at a separate 17 unit apartment complex, just a few miles from the first fire.  Capt. Smith said this structure was completely destroyed by fire. Two fatalities were reported. 


Both fires left approximately 30 households with nothing.


“These folks had absolutely no opportunity to get anything,” said Captain Smith. “A lot of them are lucky to get out with what they did.”


Capt. Smith worked both the scenes and has been assisting the families with securing new housing and basic necessities. He said the support and outpouring from the immediate Beaver Dam community and surrounding communities has been “tremendous.”


“It really helps these people,” said Capt. Smith. “They can’t say enough. It’s helping them get back on their feet and move forward slowly, one step at a time.”


Bob’s Discount Furniture is helping the displaced residents move forward by presenting each household with a $500 gift card that they can use to purchase new bed, bedroom set, mattress, dining room table or whatever they need.  


“It’s times like this when communities need to pull together to help one another and Bob’s is a community-minded business and wants to help those in need,” said Cathy Poulin, outreach and public relations director for Bob’s Discount Furniture. “It was just the right thing to do!”


Capt. Smith has personally notified each family about the gift card and the opportunity to go shopping for new furniture. “You can hear it in their voices,” said Capt. Smith. “They tremendously appreciate it. You hear tears of joy and sadness.”


Bob’s Discount Furniture places an emphasis on family values and assisting the local communities within their footprint as much as possible. Bob’s Discount Furniture Charitable Foundation and Bob’s Outreach provide aid and donations to hundreds of organizations and individuals with over 2.75 million dollars in gift certificates and monetary donations distributed each year to social service agencies, charities, group homes and community fundraisers, children’s charities, schools and community service groups.


“I am personally truly blessed to work for such an amazing philanthropic organization. Knowing that my company, Bob’s Discount Furniture can help people in times of need makes me proud,” said Poulin. “Having the ability to be part of this community outreach from both our foundation and our own outreach department is truly amazing!