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How to tell the difference
Stand facing the sectional.

Find the loveseat or recliner side of the sofa.

The side that the arm is on determines the name of the sofa.

Pop Quiz
What would you call this?

If you said left arm facing you are correct. Yellow star for you!

Let's try another one. What would you call this?
Right arm facing, correct! Another yellow star for you!

Ok, let's get a little more advanced. How about this sectional?
This one is a bit tricky because both sides are equal and it has a corner, so it's called a 3 piece sectional.

One more for you. For bonus yellow stars, what do you call this?
If you said left arm facing you are correct!

Fun Features
Now that you can tell the difference between left arm facing and right arm facing sectionals, let's explore some of the cool features to choose from (options vary by model).

Not only do sectionals provide plenty of seating, some also have a sleeper.

Who doesn't need more storage options?

Power Recliner
Relax at the touch of a button.

USB Ports
Convenient charging port on select sectionals.

Report Card
So there you have it. A quick lesson on sectional sofas. I give you five yellow stars, free cookies and ice cream at any of my Bob's Cafes.