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category-description 7 Ideas to Create Your Own Hygge Vibe category-description

Hi again! Carolina here from Bob’s Discount Furniture. Hygge- what’s this word everyone speaks of? It’s the Danish concept of living a cozy life in your home! Those small touches that fill you with a sense of happiness and make you feel welcome, warm and restful.

There is no right or wrong way to create your own hygge vibe. I’m sure you’ve experienced it without even knowing! I am going to share with you some of my ideas to make your space cozy.

1. Go Green

Bring in plenty of greenery, they can be incredibly soothing. If ya can’t keep them alive, fake ones will do the trick!

2. Get Lost in Cozy Blankets!

Throw blankets and pillows are the definition of cozy! They’ll keep you warm and snuggled up.

3. Light up some candles!

Candles provide a relaxing feeling to your room and a soothing fragrance that fills the space.

4. Dress Up Your Floor with a Rug

Rugs are the best. They add textures, patterns, softness, warmth, and a framing to your space. If your room is already carpeted, it’s okay- layering is a thing!

5. Set the Scene with Soothing Tunes

Music soothes the soul and can help you relax!

6. Go Natural... Wood

Accents of natural wood give your room an outdoorsy, nature vibe! They are welcoming and serene.

7. Don't Forget the Snacks!

A freshly brewed cup of coffee with my favorite book and a delicious cookie, or two in bed is all I need.

I hope that you enjoyed ideas on making your hygge space. What's your hygge style? Snap a picture of your room, share on social and tag us