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Down Arrows 5 Tips for Small Spaces Down Arrows
Down Arrows
Even if you don’t own the place where you live, you can still make it special. Check out a few ways to personalize your dorm room or apartment space.
A little bit of color and creativity can go a long way to make your small space stylish and functional.

1. Choose a light or bright wall color.
Lighter colors can make a room look bigger, where darker hues tend to absorb light, making the room look smaller. Why do you think I wear a yellow shirt?

2. Find multipurpose furniture.
To maximize the space you do have, the key is to select furniture that serves more than one use. Look for items that offer hidden storage, extra surface space and alternate functions such as sleeper sofa.

3. Think Little Bob.
Choose smaller pieces that do the same thing as their larger counterparts. If you can't fit a full coffee table, try using an end table instead.

4. Go vertical.
Using this otherwise dead space adds a sense of height to the room and gives you some extra surface space. Think about a tall, thin floor lamp. It takes up less floor space and has the functional aspect of extra lighting. Take advantage of any existing architectural features in the room like ledges or consider installing a wall shelf. Get creative with your own hanging planter to bring a natural element into the space.

5. Strategic area rug placement.
Tucking an area rug under the front legs of your sofa rather than in the center of the room will cozy up the space without taking it over.