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Scotland Wine Sofa Table

Features Three Drawers and a Wine Rack!

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   I'm a Natural Product!  

My Scotland Wine Sofa Table is part of my Restoration Timbers collection, which features new, restored and reclaimed SOLID pine timbers from old buildings, warehouses, flooring, and other sources. Each piece is constructed in the authentic methods used by old world cabinetmakers, reproduced from styles once made completely by hand. Natural imperfections like holes, patches and cracks are made even more beautiful with hand applied stain and wax. An heirloom look for just $399.99? Only at my Bob's!

Short Description Features Three Drawers and a Wine Rack!
SKU 20026361
Color Weathered Gray
Height 36
Width 66
Depth 15
Collection Reclaimed Timbers
Style Traditional
Warehouses Shorewood