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Delivery FAQ

Bob’s delivery service is handled by our team of delivery professionals working across the region to ensure the safe delivery of your new furniture into your home. Once you purchase your furniture we will call you to confirm your delivery date with an opportunity for you to reschedule if needed; then using state of the art delivery software we will route your delivery and give you a call with your estimated 4 hour delivery time frame; and, finally, on the day of delivery you can track your delivery team using my Delivery and Service Tracker . Also, take advantage of these other resources to ensure the best delivery experience from Bob’s: our “Make it Fit” Guidelines  and the FAQ’s below! Thank you for shopping at Bob’s!

Q: How can I determine if Bob’s delivers to my area?

A: Simply enter your 5 digit zip code in the space provided below. This will tell you if we deliver to your area and also list nearby store locations.

Q: Can I track the arrival of my delivery or service online?

A: You can track your delivery on our web site with our online Bobs Delivery and Service Tracker . This feature continually updates throughout the day as your Delivery Team or Service Technician completes each of their stops. If you do not have internet access you can always call Customer Care at 1-800-569-1284, and we will be more than happy to assist you in getting your time frame. Items shipped via FedEx cannot be tracked using Bob's online Delivery Tracker. Please note: and the Delivery Tracker tool are not compatible with Internet Explorer 7 (IE7). Please upgrade your browser to a newer version in order to shop and use the Delivery Tracker tool and all site tools and features effectively.

Q: What can I expect prior to my delivery?

A: We will give you a call 5 days before your scheduled delivery to make sure you are still available to receive your new furniture on your scheduled day. If you cannot receive your furniture, you will be given the option to contact us to reschedule. Two days prior to your delivery you will be given a call with a 4 hour estimated window for your delivery. Our delivery teams and technicians do their best to stay within the estimated windows. However, circumstances may arise that are beyond our control and may cause us to arrive earlier or later than the estimated window. Our online Delivery and Service Tracker  can be a useful tool to help you track the estimated arrival time and to keep you updated throughout the day.

Q: What if I can’t be home for my delivery during the scheduled timeframe?

A: Bob's tries to offer a variety of options to help accommodate your busy schedule. Anyone over the age of 18 can be in the home to accept the scheduled delivery or service; whether it is a neighbor, family member, friend or whoever else you may choose. We can also provide you with a call on the day of the anticipated delivery or service to let you know that the driver or technician is on the way to your home. If these options do not work for you, we are happy to reschedule for a more convenient date where you would be better able to be available for the day.  Please be advised; not being at home and available for your scheduled date of delivery or service may jeopardize Bob's ability to complete your delivery or service at a future date, due to availability of inventory.  Please e-mail us via the Ask Bob page or give us a call in Customer Care at 1-800-569-1284 if you need to reschedule.

Q: Where can I find my delivery or service time frame? Can customers access this information from home?

A: Customers can access their time frame from home up to 2 days in advance by using Bobs Delivery and Service Tracker . Simply input your customer master number, found on your receipt in the upper left hand corner above your name, in the space provided on our Delivery and Service Tracker Tool. Please note: and the Delivery Tracker tool are not compatible with Internet Explorer 7 (IE7). Please upgrade your browser to a newer version in order to shop and use the Delivery Tracker tool and all site tools and features effectively.

Q: Is there anything that I should do to get ready for the delivery team?

A: Please understand that we are an all day delivery service, and you should make sure someone over 18 is planning on being home all day.

Outside your home, help to ensure the safety of the team by keeping all walkways clear of all debris.

Inside your home have a path cleared from the entryway to the room in which the furniture or mattress/foundation will be placed.

If you live in an apartment building, condo or office building, please check with the proper individual to determine if there are any special requirements for the delivery (ex. certain delivery hours, a freight elevator that needs to be reserved, some buildings require us to have a Certificate of Insurance). Please see our Delivery Guidelines for more information.

Q: Do your delivery teams disassemble and remove old furniture?

A: Unfortunately, we are only able to remove old bedding (mattress and foundation) if you purchased new bedding from Bob's and have it shipped via Bob's Delivery Service and it is safe and sanitary to do so. We cannot remove old bedding for mattresses shipped via FedEx under the Bob's Value Express program. We do not remove old furniture. We suggest you call your city or town to determine the best method of disposal, or search out a local charity that may be able to pick up your furniture and benefit from its reuse.

Q: Can I ask the Delivery Team or Service Technician to remove their footwear prior to entering my home?

A: Our delivery personnel are not allowed to remove their footwear. This is for their safety and in compliance with OSHA guidelines ( For your convenience Bob’s has equipped our delivery drivers with booties that can fit over their footwear to help protect your home’s interior during inclement weather.

Q: How can I make sure the furniture will fit in my house?

A: Use my convenient "Make It Fit" Guideines.

Q: Is there a tool I can use to plan the design of my room?

A: Our website offers a great online Room Planner  to help you plan the layout of the room you are decorating. Our sales associates are also able to provide you with the measurements of the furniture you are selecting. These tools are provided to help better assist you in the decorating and planning of the room to ensure maximum satisfaction.

Q: Why do I have to pay for delivery when other retailers give free delivery?

A: Bob’s is always working hard to give you the best furniture value for your dollar – with no gimmicks! Remember, no one can deliver furniture for “free” and retailers who advertise “free delivery” have simply hidden the cost in the price of the product. Our philosophy is to give you a choice regarding delivery or customer pick-up, so if you opt for delivery services, we will charge you a reasonable fee separately.

Q: Will the delivery team assemble my furniture and take away the packing material?

A: Yes, as part of your delivery fee we will assemble any furniture that needs it, and take away all packing material.

Q: Can I pick up my purchase if I don’t want to have it delivered?

A: Merchandise can be picked up at our Taftville, CT Distribution Center or at our Nashua, NH, Rockville, MD, Secaucus, NJ and Wilmington, DE pick-up facilities. You may call the store where you made your purchase for directions to a pick-up facility near you, or you can check the Locations  page of our website. For pick-ups in Nashua, NH and Secaucus, NJ please call a minimum of 5 days in advance to allow time to transfer merchandise from our Taftville, CT Distribution Center. For pick-ups in Rockville, MD, please call a minimum of 5 days in advance to allow time to transfer merchandise from our Aberdeen, MD Distribution Center.

Q: What do I need to do prior to my pick up?

A: You must make full payment on your order at one of our stores before we can schedule your order for pick-up.

You may schedule a time for pick-up at the same time you place and fully pay for your order. Otherwise, you should call the store at least three (3) days in advance of your desired pick-up date so we can have your order ready for you provided it is paid in full. For pick-ups in Nashua, NH, Rockville, MD, Secaucus, NJ and Wilmington, DE please call a minimum of 5 days in advance to allow time to transfer merchandise from our warehouse. Please note that we cannot accept payments at our Nashua, NH pick up facility.

Q: What do I need to bring to prepare to pick up my purchase? 

A: When you arrive at the pick-up location, we will require that you have proper identification; drivers license, passport or military ID, and a copy of your sales order.
You are expected to come with a vehicle that can safely transport your furniture, and you must bring rope and padding or other packing material. Our warehouse personnel will assist you in loading your vehicle, but it will be your responsibility to secure the merchandise. We cannot assume any liability for injury or damage to you, your vehicle or others arising from your loading or transport of merchandise that you pick up.

Q: How long does Bob's warranty furniture?

A: We offer a minimum 1 year Bob's guarantee against factory defects on all new merchandise.

Q: What is the difference between Goof Proof Plus and Bob's Guarantee?

A: Bob's Guarantee on new products protects you against all factory defects within 1 year from the date of delivery or pick-up.  Goof Proof Plus extends Bob's 1 year guarantee against factory defects to FIVE (5) years.  Additionally, Goof Proof Plus also protects you from a variety of specific accidental damages you may cause in those FIVE long years. Please see Bob's Goof Proof Plus coverage sheet for the many types of accidental stains and damages covered.  Some exclusions apply.

Q: Is there a warranty on merchandise I purchased from the Pit?

A: No, Pit purchases are sold "As Is", unless otherwise noted for special purchase or factory fresh items.

Q: Do I receive a warranty of merchandise purchased from the E-PIT?

A: All furniture purchased through Bob's online E-PIT is covered by Bob's 1 year guarantee against factory defects, EXCEPT for the Everyday E-PIT Values Section.

Q: Does some merchandise come with extended warranties?

A: Our merchandise carries a minimum 1 year Bob's Guarantee.  Additionally, bedding can have anywhere from a 5-20 year manufacturer's warranty against defects, assuming the bedding has no rips, stains, tears or burns.

Bob's 5 year Goof Proof Plus Protection Plan provides comprehensive coverage against accidental stains or damages on leather, fabric and vinyl upholstered furniture, wood and other hard surface furniture. Even with careful use furniture can get damaged. The Goof Proof Plus Protection Plan lets you live with the furniture you love, instead of around it.